23 year old ethical hacker and serial entrepreneur Mrityunjay Singh who founded Bharat messenger app

New Delhi, India, 10th April, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, 23 year old ethical hacker and serial entrepreneur Mrityunjay Singh who founded Bharat messenger app

• Who is Mrityunjay Singh

Mrityunjay Singh is an Indian author, a cyber security expert, an ethical hacker and entrepreneur. Mrityunjay has authored for books “Complete Cyber Security eBook”, “Hacking TALK with Mrityunjay Singh” and “A Complete Ethical Hacking And Cyber Security” with several technical manuals and given countless lectures, workshops and seminars throughout his career.

• Journey to inspire

Mrityunjay Singh is running cybersecurity company VGMSecurity and also selected for cyber volunteer at Govt. of India.

With no family background in computers or business, Mrityunjay’s journey from a middle-class child to a successful young adult is very extraordinary and inspirational.

Mr. Mrityunjay Singh is an ethical hacker and one of the most inspiring motivational speakers and corporate trainers in India. The energy just flows when he is among the people. Mrityunjay uses advanced techniques like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, etc. to engage the audience and leads them to use what they learn during his seminars so that they can create a positive lasting change in their life. His style of delivery is absolutely unique.

He is constantly engaged by the Corporate, Police, Military, and Education sectors to train, inspire and empower their people.

• Family Background

Mrityunjay Singh comes from very humble beginnings. One amongst 4 siblings, he started working as a cyber expert in the crime branch when he was 18. He is an Ethical hacker from the University of CG India. He is also an M.A. in English Literature and Political Science.

He mainly talks about Cyber Security, Power Selling, Employee Motivation, Stress Elimination, High-Performance Leadership, Confidence Building, Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, Success Strategies, Law of Attraction, Psychology of Wealth, Power of Dreams, Youth Empowerment, and Personality Transformation.

In a world where trainers, educators, and motivators are hell-bent on convincing you that creating your best life is all about following their philosophy, buying their programmers’ and their products, Mrityunjay Singh is an anomaly. Mrityunjay doesn’t tell people he is the ‘guru’ who is the answer to all their problems. He is a coach who is ready to be there when you need, who will inspire you and challenge you to be and have the best you can. Mrityunjay believes belief is power. You have to think you can ever before you really can.

He teaches that you’re the solution (and the problem). He teaches that forever change is a process that works from the inside out. And that too many people try and put right the internal matter with external solutions. He’s kind of challenging, honest, entertaining, amusing, and confronting (periodically offensive) but he knows what works and if you’re genuinely ready to change then perhaps you will connect with him.

Today his multinational enterprise, VGMSecurity, provides protection to corporations against network vulnerabilities and data theft, and cybersecurity training. Some of VGM’s clients include the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Punjab Police, Gujarat Police, Reliance Industries Limited, Amul, Ralson (India) Ltd, Avon Cycles Ltd, MNCs from Dubai and the UK.

• What is Bharat Messenger App?

If you are apprehensive about the privacy policy of Internet companies like Whatsapp, Face book and Google, then leave the worry. Because 23-year-old ethical hacker and founder and CEO of cyber security company VGM Security, Mrityunjay Singh and his team have launched a native messaging app, Bharat Messenger, to compete on WhatsApp. The best thing is that now you can easily download this new app from the Play Store. This app is designed to promote Vocal for Local and Swadeshi India. This app is currently available on the web and Android apps.

Video calling has now become an integral part of our lives in lockdown. Where he is busy, from morning calls with boss to late night video chat with friends. So many software companies understood the current situation and launched an app and tool that aims to make virtual interactions easier. In this app, any user can do messaging as well as videoconferencing.

This app was created during lock down and was downloaded over 9 lakh times in a lot of work time and also has a rating of 4.2 in the play store which is the best.

More and more people are using Bharat Messenger app. One reason behind this is that it has been made in India. In this app, the entire system infrastructure along with data transmission is designed in India. In addition, all communications on Bharat Messenger are encrypted.

• Complete focus on security

Mrityunjay Singh said that after learning about the security of an app like Zoom which has been raised in the last few days, we are keeping all the things in mind, so that the app can be made more and more secure. Mrityunjay told that the communication system of this app comes from Comet Chat. Cometchat has been offering its encrypted text offer as a service to organizations like HDFC Life, Harvard University and JP Morgan for a long time. Which is very safe and secure?