Discover the appetizing & Flavorsome Indian food in KL @ Gajaa at 8

Without a doubt you will find lovers across the globe for the wholesome and tasty Indian food. If you are in Kuala Lumpur and crave Indian food, Gajaa at 8 warmly welcomes the gastronomes with their favorite south Indian dishes.

Gajaa at 8 has been leading the south Indian scenario for food, design and cooking for many years in Kuala Lumpur. As soon as you step in to the restaurant you will see why this is not your average restaurant. The service is impeccable, the Kerala food list inspiring and the food exhilarating. Takeaway and delivery are available at Gajaa at 8.

Almost everyone loves Indian dishes throughout the world! The dishes at Gajaa at 8 taste like heaven and are sure to make it to everyone’s list of favorite dishes. You can find Gajaa at 8 the authentic Indian restaurant, especially south Indian cuisine. South Indian food in KL is very famous and warmly welcomed by gastronomes across the world.

Not only Indians visit these restaurants, but also people from different parts of world visiting Kuala Lumpur love South Indian curries and biryanis prepared by chefs at Gajaa at 8.

Biryani is the classic Indian concoction of rice and spices and this dish has numerous variants available at Gajaa at 8. This dish has modifications specific to the region and this makes the dish more interesting. You can keep your Biryani classic or resort to mixing the rice with pre-cooked gravy and then add the meat condiments for a flavorsome appeal. However, everyone knows and accepts that Biryani cooked with spices, basmati rice and meat or vegetables served at Gajaa at 8 are one of the delicious menus they will remember for a long time.

South Indian dishes have firm roots all over the world. Chicken pakodas and tomatoes rasam are the most famous at Gajaa at 8 among all south Indian dishes. Soft, steamed puttus are extremely healthy and an absolute delight when served along with gravy of your choice. Patrons at Gajaa at 8 find crispy masala dosas, ghee roast dosas as the most welcomed breakfast and brunch accompanied with any gravy.

About Gajaa at 8:

Gajaa at 8 the best Indian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur located at Lorong Maarof in Bangsar Park, is the authentic restaurant bringing the finest cuisine from Kerala, India to your table. For those after a true taste of India’s gorgeous cooking, Gajaa at 8 brings the ultimate authentic Indian experience to your table with creative and unique food creation on the menu. For more details about food delivery In Kuala Lumpur, visit our site