Pedego Gives Reassurance Considering Concerns Raised by Ebike Battery Fires

 News stories about e-bike battery fires are causing fear among electric bike owners.

Media coverage is startling for consumers because it’s true, a lithium-ion battery can pack a large amount of energy.

This same news of ebike fires has Pedego Electric Bikes Canada frustrated because problem manufacturers are not being called out. All ebikes are lumped together in reports when cheap, unregulated products are inundating the market to detrimental effect.

“We want to reassure our customers that when charged, stored and recycled properly, your Pedego battery is safe to use,” says Pedego Canada’s Mike Clyde. “This is because we take great care in production.”

Pedego batteries are made with premium brand name lithium-ion cells supplied by the top manufacturers LG, Panasonic, and Samsung. They are covered by a 5-year prorated warranty reflecting confidence in the quality of components.

These Li-ion batteries are model 18650, named after their size (18mmx65mm). There are two types of 18650 cells – those made by reputable, name brand suppliers and everything else. Name brand cells are much safer and more reliable than cheaper cells.

Emergency Officials and Industry Responding

The rash of ebike battery fires in New York City prompted New York City Fire Department to focus their annual symposium on the topic. Veteran bike engineer Michael Fritz was in attendance as an independent industry expert with 35 years experience. Fritz was also instrumental as director of engineering on the Pedego team.

Fritz says unless an ebike company uses name brand battery cells, he’s out. Fire hazards are largely due to lower quality batteries being used improperly.

“Do Pedego lithium-ion battery packs pose an unreasonable risk to customers? My answer is no – you can have confidence in this product,” Fritz says. “Pedego does an excellent job. The best in the industry.”

Fritz explains why an ebike battery may fail. Heat, pressure, and water are the enemy of an ebike battery. As well, if Li-ion cells are made poorly and/or there are improper cell protection separators, the rate of cell failure increases. If a single cell fails, propagation is relatively slow. If multiple cells fail at the same time, the results can be explosive.

Unfortunately, in 2015, Pedego received reports of six battery fires, and subsequently recalled 5000 battery packs. They acted fast. The ensuing investigation found that their supplier was not using a clean room for manufacturing. As a result, Pedego now buys solely from name brand suppliers and no further issues have arisen.

Even without further incident, Pedego continues to strive for better. Last year, Chief Production Officer, Paul Auclair started the process toward UL certification. UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certifies products, facilities, processes, or systems based on industry-wide standards. The UL certifications that are targeted toward the ebike industry are UL2271 for battery systems and the more in-depth UL2849 for entire electrical systems.

“For product reassurance, Pedego wants certification at the highest level. The process will take time, but we are pleased to have the project underway prior to the recent Consumer Product Safety Commission recommendation,” says Auclair.

Auclair goes on to explain, as of today, Pedego products are UN38.8 certified as well as meeting all the manufacturing quality control standards and processes of our ISO9001 Certified assembly factories and cell manufacturers.

What to Look for When Buying an Ebike

It’s important to do homework and shop smart to inform a solid decision. It’s especially important to research the battery as it makes up the largest cost of an ebike.

Ask the seller what make of cells are used in their bike’s lithium-ion battery. To ensure it complies with relevant safety standards, what certifications does the product have?

Does the seller back their product with a warranty that makes a customer feel reassured? What does that warranty look like?

Does the seller even know the answers to your questions?

How to take proper care of an ebike battery

While Pedego is confident in their batteries, even with the best cells and top certification, proper care and attention should always be taken. Dangerous events can still possibly occur.


Only use the charger that was supplied at the time of purchase. Never attempt to charge the battery with a different charger or power supply. (A suspected cause of NYC battery fires is use of incompatible chargers.)

Charge the battery on the bike or, if off the bike, ensure it’s on a non-flammable surface in a clean, dry location away from flammable materials.

Do not charge the battery unattended or overnight. Monitor and unplug when fully charged.

Charge the battery in an area with a working smoke detector.

Do not attempt to charge the battery when it’s cold – less than 7 degrees Celsius.

If the battery is dropped, damaged, overheats or is immersed in water do not attempt to charge it. Store it in a safe place (preferably outdoors) and call a local Pedego dealer for appropriate next steps.


For extended periods of non-use, store a battery in a clean, dry environment that has a temperature between 4 and 38 degrees Celsius. It’s best stored between 30-40 percent charge. Avoid storing 100 percent or 0 percent charge.

When transporting an ebike, take the battery off the bike. Simple but smart.

Care and Recycling

Do not attempt to have a Pedego battery refurbished.

Do not open or otherwise tamper with an ebike battery. There is no reason to do so as there are no serviceable parts inside it.

When a battery reaches its end of life, it’s important not to throw it away. Return it to a local store for safe and proper recycling. Pedego Canada is a Call2Recycle participant.

Do not replace the battery with a pack from a third-party supplier.

Acceptance of Risk

Electric bikes are relatively new on the scene and alarming news coverage does little to reassure consumers leery of the technology.

An ebike battery has a great deal of stored energy. For perspective, Fritz explains a car with its full gas tank in the garage “contains enough stored energy to propel a 3,000 lb. car 400 miles.” This is substantially more than an ebike battery.

Even a candle lit on the dining room table carries risk to safety at home with its threat of fire or particulate in the air.

Yet, people have become accustomed to these risks and how to manage them.

Photo Cutline:

News of ebike battery fires is worrisome for people who want to feel safe about their electric bike purchase. Fire hazards are largely due to lower quality batteries being used improperly.

Pedego Electric Bikes Canada
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GEO Jobe Gives Second Donation to Gulfport High School’s Robotics Team

GEO Jobe Presents Check to Team Fusion

GEO Jobe Presents Check to Team Fusion

GULFPORT, Miss.Jan. 11, 2023PRLog — GEO Jobe is proud to announce the sponsorship of Gulfport High School’s Team Fusion Robotics team #364. This is GEO Jobe’s second sponsorship and allows the Team to continue to grow in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

In 2019, Team Fusion was the only team from Mississippi to qualify for the FIRST World Championship and ended the season placing 13th in the world out of approximately 4,000 teams! Unfortunately, Covid-19 canceled 2020 in-person competitions, but the team was still able to compete in virtual competitions, which lead to the team being ranked number 2 in the world! The 2021 season was also filled with success. The team was a finalist in two regional competitions, along with winning a third, which automatically advanced them to Worlds. At these competitions, the team’s robot won awards for Industrial Design, Innovation in Control, and the Quality Award, both at a regional competition and in their division at Worlds.

Team Fusion’s program utilizes robots to build better minds and future leaders. GEO Jobe’s sponsorship allows the team to grow and learn teamwork, work management, communication, and participate in public outreach.

“I had the privilege of speaking with some of the young men and women of Team Fusion. It is inspiring to see them so interested and excited about their potential career fields in STEM and the work they are doing on the robotics team. GEO Jobe will continue to support Team Fusion and programs like this with the vision of increasing tech opportunities and bolstering communities in Mississippi.” – Danny Menikheim, Vice President of Operations at GEO Jobe

GEO Jobe is delighted to be a sponsor to a team of bright, young individuals who are making advancements in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We look forward to seeing their achievements this year and many years to come.

About Team Fusion

Team Fusion is one of Mississippi’s premiere FIRST robotics teams open to students from schools all along the coast. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an internationally acclaimed organization that hosts an annual robotics competition with more than 200,000 high school students competing on a global scale.

About GEO Jobe

GEO Jobe is a leading GIS software and geospatial solutions provider, serving almost 9,000 organizations globally. GEO Jobe has developed some of the most popular applications in the ArcGIS Marketplace, including Admin Tools for ArcGIS, Backup My Org, Clean My Org, and Mapfolio. GEO Jobe also offers professional services centered around Esri’s ArcGIS System, including custom software development, enterprise solution implementation, and UAV data collection. Founded in 1999, GEO Jobe is in its 23rd year of operation and has been an Esri business partner since 2002, and is currently a Gold Partner.



Spritzer Gives New Life to Bottles as Decorations for Chinese New Year

Spritzer (the “Company”) invites visitors to celebrate the Year of the Tiger at the decorated Spritzer EcoPark in Taiping, Perak from 18 January – 18 February 2022.

Spritzer invites visitors to celebrate the Year of the Tiger at the decorated Spritzer EcoPark in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia from 18 January – 18 February 2022.

Thousands of recycled Spritzer Natural Mineral Water bottles have been given new lives as traditional lunar new year decorations such as ingots and ornaments lighting up Spritzer EcoPark and giving cheer to the seasonal celebrations as the Company takes the initiative to encourage and inspire everyone to recycle their waste, including bottles, that can be turned into other uses while helping to keep the environment clean.

Admission to the Spritzer EcoPark is free and visitors can stroll through the park to admire the festive decorations made from recycled bottles while taking pictures to keep as memories.

Spritzer EcoPark would like all visitors to have fun and enjoy themselves while continuing to adhere strictly to all standard operating procedures, including checking in through MySejahtera, social distancing, having masks on at all times and with sanitisers provided at various locations around the park.

As part of the festive celebrations and Valentine’s Day this year, pre-orders of customisable seasonal gifts, handmade bouquets and gift boxes are available for pre-order*.

Spritzer hopes to welcome everyone in a safe manner. Please plan your time and have a fun-filled experience at Spritzer EcoPark for this coming Chinese New Year!

*For more information and assistance, contact Ms. Peiwei +6018-386 2663 / Ms. Emi +6016-542 5915.

For more information, please contact:
Muhammad Hakim Syed Munif
Tel: +6012 318-5410

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EMKA Gives Back Around the World – Supporting Some of the Pre-Eminent Issues of Our Times

 EMKA’s awareness of its social responsibility is demonstrated by its attention to issues such as a clean water supply project in West Africa, and the support of women and children in sport. Their involvement at this level enables EMKA to give something back to the wider community on the world and local stages.

EMKA sponsors top athletes and access to clean water by promoting social projects worldwide together with local partners: EMKA sponsors Düsseldorf‘s YOU Foundation in its digital donation concept, referred to as the SmartAid app. Thanks to Blockchain Technology, donors can track the path of their money themselves – all the way to the intended recipient. The project’s agenda includes the construction of wells to provide clean water in West Africa.

The YOU Foundation is an initiative of UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven which is committed to the education of children in need worldwide. It follows UNESCO’s values and mission and its Education Agenda 2030, which includes ensuring water supplies: In West Africa, the foundation is building urgently needed wells to supply the population with clean water. Local groups of experts and community members analyse the best locations for modern wells, which are then constructed to ensure easy access. Continuous monitoring of the installations and the water quality then ensures that the local people can receive sufficient drinking water. Together with the software company Datarella, the YOU Foundation has developed a digital emergency aid app for social project projects – sponsored by the EMKA Group.

For many years, Goražde in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been an important EMKA production site where again EMKA are involved with supporting children in the community through sport. EMKA Bosnia primarily produces moulds as well as injection-moulded parts for the automotive and electrical industries. In the field of mould making, the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers. But EMKA also has a solid local presence not only as an employer but through its social commitment. For three years, EMKA has been sponsoring two local football clubs, providing suitable training conditions for children up to 14 years of age and the women‘s team in the First League of the B&H Federation. This year, the team hopes to be promoted to the Premier Ligue, the highest division in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s club football. The youth team also competes successfully in various leagues and tournaments – including the annual EMKA tournament in Goražde, in the Federation and Serbia.

EMKA social involvement goes further by supporting women in exciting sports projects such as the FSC Remscheid parachute and skydiving club, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in October and hopes to host two sporting events beforehand, but in compliance with the current COVID19 safety regulations. A parachute spectacle was planned from 18 to 20 June 2021 at the Hackenberg Sports Centre, in cooperation with the “Bergische Drei” – referring to the three cities of Solingen, Wuppertal and Remscheid.

The second significant event planned was the International Germany Cup in target parachuting from 23 to 25 July 2021 in Bodenfelde, with top European and German teams’ participation. This event was the last opportunity to train under competitive conditions before the World Championships take place in August 2021. At the World Championships, Lucia Lippold, also sponsored by EMKA, will compete in her unique discipline of speed skydiving as the reigning German and European champion as well as German record holder – the formation of eight parachuters from the FSC Remscheid will also participate.

EMKA (UK) Ltd.

Andy Billingham

024 7661 6505



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Roz And Gem Gives Back with the Release of Their Album Perception Meets Reality

 Pulsar Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Roz and Gem’s new album, Perception Meets Reality on August 11, 2021 on all digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. These two musical individuals from Brooklyn, New York spent many pandemic nights creating and producing this great body of work that’s aptly titled, Perception Meets Reality. Roz And Gem wanted to show that even though they were raised in some of the hardest areas in Brooklyn, New York and were expected to take a certain path that was popular in their neighborhoods, it would not be their reality. Instead they cultivated their individual gifts of writing and creating and followed their gut to constantly give back through music as listeners were able to receive and tell from the previous two singles which were “Same Old Song And Dance” and “What A Time To Be Alive.”

So by following their gut and being who they truly are Roz And Gem have become one of the most innovative young R&B/Pop fusion groups on today’s music scene and we have Perception Meets Reality.

Pulsar Entertainment

Douglas Utsey




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