GiveCentral Launches GCSmart: Transforming Giving & Engagement

 GiveCentral, an online fundraising platform for nonprofits including churches, is launching GCSmart, a set of smart tools that can help in an extensive boost of fundraising results. GiveCentral has been working with charities for more than 10 years and this launch is believed to make giving even more efficient, easier and quicker. The fundraising platform believes in constantly updating their tools and features to support their partner charities the best they can.

The focus of GCSmart is not just on processing gifts conveniently, but also on building relationships between charities and their supporters. With the largest US based charities signing up with GiveCentral, this launch is good news for charities especially with the onset of year end giving. With GC’s smart tools, giving is expected to increase by 50% to 100% for registered charities . From SmartQR and SmartLinks to SmartGive, SmartReport and SmartDashboard among others, GCSmart is a giant umbrella under which all fundraising requirements of charities will be well taken care of.

GCSmart is set to launch on the 6th and 7th of December, 2022.

About GiveCentral

GiveCentral is a web based donation platform designed to help nonprofits raise more funds. By consolidating all collection, fundraising and communication activities into one place, GiveCentral makes it easier for donors to give, for nonprofits to connect, and for administrators to save time on accounting and data management. To date, there are over 750 nonprofits that have put their trust in GiveCentral. The organization looks forward to growing and expanding its offerings in the fundraising sector. Assistance from nonprofit fundraising experts is available on GiveCentral’s official website.

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