“Brittany’s Best Gift” by Amelia ‘Micki’ Carpenter Soon to Charm Readers at the 38th Annual Printers Row Lit Fest

Readers will be swept away by the enchanting tale of a captivating childrens book penned by the imaginative storyteller Amelia Micki Carpenter.

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Amelia “Micki” Carpenters creative storytelling weaves a tale that resonates with readers of all ages, reminding them that the most unexpected circumstances can lead to the most extraordinary adventures.

The childrens Christmas family storybook Brittanys Best Gift by Amelia Micki Carpenter will be displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the 38th Annual Printers Row Lit Fest. The book event will occur on September 9-10, 2023, at Printers Row Park, South Loop, Chicago, Illinois.

In Brittanys Best Gift, readers will follow Brittany, a spirited girl who faces unexpected challenges when life takes an unexpected turn. The story unfolds in the sun-soaked paradise of Florida, where Brittanys days are filled with beach adventures and laughter shared with her friends.

However, twists and turns will lead her on a remarkable journey. When her fathers job necessitates a move to the unfamiliar terrain of North Carolina, Brittanys heart aches at the thought of leaving her beloved Grandma Rose behind.

But dont despair North Carolina holds a treasure trove of surprises for Brittany. Amidst her new surroundings, Brittanys princess tower room becomes her refuge, and her loyal companion Sparky, a faithful little dog, is by her side. A new school brings the discovery of kindred spirits and the joy of forming new friendships.

However, theres a mystery that piques Brittanys curiosity. Whispers of fear circulate among her new classmates regarding her mysterious neighbors house. Determined to uncover the truth, Brittany and Sparky embark on an adventure of their own. Peering through her princess tower room window, Brittany finds herself face-to-face with the stranger who dwells next door. With beady eyes and an unexpected reaction, the strangers actions spark Brittanys determination to understand the truth behind the fear.

Curious to know how the story unfolds? Join readers in this exciting and heartwarming journey. Get a copy of Brittanys Best Gift by Amelia Micki Carpenter on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and online at many other fine bookstores and retailers. Drop by the ReadersMagnet exhibit at booth space R at the 38th Annual Printers Row Lit Fest to check out the books display.

Brittanys Best Gift
Author | Amelia Micki Carpenter
Genre | Childrens Family Life Books, Childrens Story Books
Publisher | Acrasia Media LLC
Published date | September 1, 2022


Amelia Micki Carpenter lives in a small town in North Carolina with her husband, Charles. She is the mother of two sons and is known as Aunt Micki to many children in her church and neighborhood. Micki has worked with her husband, who portrayed Professor Diddledaddle in the Fabulous Time Machine Series with The Carpenters Kids Crusades over North and South Carolina for many years. She also enjoyed the Christian daily column that she used to write called: And the good news is featured in the newspaper The Watchmen. She is a grandmother and great-grandmother who loves to tell stories to all children.