H2ForNetZero gains momentum as Trane Technologies joins and six pledging companies progress strongly

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The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and theSustainable Markets Initiative (SMI)today announced that one new company,Trane Technologies, has pledged to theH2ForNetZeroinitiative, joining 34 other companies in this commitment to accelerate the use of low-carbon hydrogen.

This announcement made at the World Hydrogen 2023Summit& Exhibition held in Rotterdam is a clear demonstration that, since itsestablishment in 2021at the United Nations 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26), the H2ForNetZero initiative has become a catalyst for progress to help scale up thesupply,demand, andsupportfor low-carbon hydrogen.

In its pledge,Trane Technologiescommits to incorporate all clean energy solutions, including those based on low-carbon hydrogen, into business and manufacturing strategy to meet its 2030 Gigaton Challenge, science-based scope 1, 2, and 3 goals, and net-zero targets.

Additionally, six fellow pledging companies disclosed their most recent advancements.Iberdrola, Acciona, Shell, Anglo American, HinicioandYosemite Clean Energyhave reachedimportant milestoneson their journey to honor their commitments either by advancing and replicating the development of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives worldwide (Iberdrola, Acciona, Shell), engineering world-class low-carbon hydrogen technologies (Anglo American), updating the figures of their original pledge regarding their daily production of fuel cell grade hydrogen (Yosemite Clean Energy), or growing expertise in the field of hydrogen and e-fuels certification (Hinicio).

Today, 35 companies representing different sectors from mining to energy, vehicle and equipment manufacturers, and financial services have made H2ForNetZero pledges. According to Hydrogen Councilestimates, if all the pledges submitted to date were to be realized in full, they would account for aboutone-quarterof the decarbonization potential envisioned through hydrogen by 2030.

While this progress shows promising potential, more work is needed to secure new participants and enable companies to overcome the challenges and barriers they face in fostering progress in their pledges, such as supply chain constraints, permitting challenges and technical development hurdles. For instance, a statement issued byGenComm, pledging under H2forNetZero, highlighted the need to persevere in the efforts to nurture the initiative. GenComm finds itself at the confluence of many issues within the electrolysis supply chain and these are all providing cumulative cause for concern.

By supporting companies with existing pledges and encouraging companies to make new pledges under the initiative, WBCSD and SMI aim to help strengthen the demand for and supply of low-carbon hydrogen.

H2forNetZero will help position hydrogen as a key solution in societys ability to achieve net-zero energy emissions by 2050 by stimulating further investments and advancements in the hydrogen market and economy.

WBCSD and SMI continue their efforts to bring forth new commitments from companies that aim to make low-carbon hydrogen part of their decarbonization strategy.

The fully updated pledges and Trane Technologies newly disclosed pledge are available on WBCSD website at the H2ForNetZero initiativewebpage.

YAS Limo Gains Recognition in the UAE with Their Exceptional Chauffeur Services and Luxurious Car Fleet

 The UAE thrives on tourism, and so hiring rental limos is a norm for tourists visiting the region. Finding a trusting chauffeur service that provides luxury cars for that lasting impression is challenging, especially for a family that’s new to Abu Dhabi or even residents planning a wedding.

Limo services are only for the rich is one of the common misconceptions, and YAS Limo is committed to breaking this stereotype with its luxurious private limo service. The company aspires to emerge as a limo rental and chauffeur service that makes the living experience in Abu Dhabi memorable for people. Finding cheaper modes of transport, when traveling in groups or couples, is a hassle. YAS Limo aims to bridge the gap between luxury chauffeur services and convenience so that people can plan their trips and events without worrying about transport.

YAS Limo has gained recognition in the UAE because of its highly exceptional and convenient services. It has empowered people to plan their events on their own time and according to their affordability. Such features and prestige has earned the company respect among customers and competitors alike.

People hesitate to rent limo services because of the widely-held belief that these chauffeur services use old limousines. Unlike other vehicles, limos are believed to be used on special occasions only, but the company aims to inspire people to be in style every day with their versatile and family-friendly limos.

One of the company representatives said, “People tend to believe that renting a transport could either be affordable or stylist. They are forced to make compromises. At YAS Limo, we believe in breaking stereotypes by providing the newest luxury limos that they can use daily to travel to their offices or for family trips. We believe in greeting our customers with our finest limos and exceptional chauffeur services.”

YAS Limo has a team of exceptionally trained chauffeurs who ensure that each customer receives a dedicated service. Their chauffeur services are available for wedding parties, corporate events, airport travel, and much more.

About YAS Limo

YAS Limo is a luxury limo service in Abu Dhabi, UAE, offering affordable limo rental services. The company has the finest fleet of limos for any special event or daily trip. The vehicles are fine-tuned and equipped with advanced communications and amenities.

Contact Details

Phone: 026669991, 0565033055

Fax: 026652662

Email: info@yaslimo.ae

YAS Limo

Aftab Khawaja

+971 56 402 7111




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HUGO BOSS gains one of the largest social media coverage in fashion week history with 4 billion impressions in 4 days

This event is our benchmark for what we will deliver as an experience to customers around the world as of today. It underlines the great potential and global brand strength of BOSS and pays into our target to turn customers into fans. I am more than excited to further enter this journey together with the team”, says Daniel Grieder, CEO of HUGO BOSS AG.

Following its new growth strategy of boosting brands and targeting younger customer groups, HUGO BOSS celebrated the launch of its second BOSS X Russell Athletic capsule collection with an action-packed phygital experience. The physical collection presentation in a baseball stadium in Milan only set the stage for the extensive activation on social media. The event was designed to be a “postable” moment at every twist and turn. With a global streaming across the BOSS channels, all customers were given a digital front row seat.

The cast and the audience were strategically selected based on their Instagram or TikTok profile and status: Among models like Gigi Hadid, Irina Shayk, Joan Smalls, Cindy Bruna, Alton Mason and Adut Akech the athletes Alica Schmidt, Trenten Merrill and Race Imboden, plus K-pop star Big Matthew and TikToker Khaby Lame (@khaby.lame), celebrated their runway debuts. Khaby Lame, who made an exclusive appearance to close the show, is one of the most successful TikTok creators with 113 million followers and BOSS is the first fashion brand ever to be posted on his channel. Social media stars like Chiara Ferragni, Fedez, Fai Khadra, Avan Jogia, and Benji Krol in addition shared their experiences of the day.

The phenomenal digital buzz created around the world exceeded everything the brand has ever seen before. This made the event, which took place last Thursday, the largest social-first event in the HUGO BOSS history.

The Social Media success of the event is visible across all areas, channels and KPIs:

  • A total of 3.9 billion impressions achieved in 4 days
  • Over 25 million engagements achieved across all social media channels within the first 4 days
  • Within the first few days, 2.2 billion views on Tiktok #BOSSMoves challenge where thousands of TikTokers created content to enter to win one of five exclusive NFT bomber jackets
  • Within one week, the hashtag challenge has achieved 3 billion views
  • 1.3 million challenge-related videos were created from the TikTok audience
  • #BOSSMoves trending on TikTok
  • Social engagement increased by nearly 1600% on BOSS Instagram account

The accompanying TikTok campaign features a hashtag challenge under #BOSSMoves where fans can win five unique BOSS x Russell Athletic NFT collegiate jackets as well as a redeemable twin of each design and a wearable filter. This campaign between BOSS and TikTok is the first of its kind in this form. With the NFTs BOSS is taking up the concept of the ’metaverse’ and using it specifically to connect with new target groups.

The dedicated Instagram campaign included special reel productions and engaging content for the channel’s community. Nine individual reels, IGTVs, numerous feeds and story posts were created in real time, which generated a high level of engagement and attention before, during and after the event. In total, 14 Creators involved presented their outfits in a unique and entertaining way via Instagram reels – including Khaby Lame, Alica Schmidt, The Elevator Boys, Futuristix and Olivia LVS and Eva Apio. All BOSS x Russell Athletic styles and products presented were also integrated into the respective reels via the shopping function, as well as other postings, to enable the audience to make purchases seamlessly at the point of discovery.

Besides the BOSS brand`s strong position on social media before the event already, the dedicated TikTok and Instagram campaigns are an important element in further boosting the brand and reaching out to new and younger customers.

[p”In August, we presented our new strategy together with our vision, to become the leading premium tech-driven fashion platform worldwide. Only six weeks later, we are proving that we are more than ready to take this place in the fashion industry in the future”, adds Daniel Grieder.[/p]

The month before last, the HUGO BOSS Management Board presented the new CLAIM 5 strategy to investors and the public, underlining the company’s huge potential to strengthen its business across all regions and channels worldwide. Though known as a suit brand, HUGO BOSS sees enormous potential to also claim new ground in the important casualwear segment for men and women, offering 24/7 lifestyle outfits to dress customers throughout the day for every occasion. In this regard, the BOSS x Russell Athletic collaboration presented in Milan is another big milestone for the company and in targeting younger audiences, like GenZ and the millennials.

Over 500% Gains in 7 days For Promise – The FIRST BEP20 Token Based On Trust

Tokyo, Japan, 1st May, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Today, the cryptocurrency industry is bursting forth, and the DeFi market isn’t exempted. Investors can make money easily by locking their tokens for a period of time. Although the concept of DeFi has made life easy in different ways, it still leaves many drawbacks that affect the industry.

As the cryptocurrency market experiences more all-time highs, we see the influx of new investors into the market. Undoubtedly, DeFi offers great opportunities to make money, especially for early investors. However, for later entrants who have simply joined the back wagon of cryptocurrency because of the widespread popularity, there is the issue of buying tokens above the actual price or value.

A crucial reason for this challenge is the unavoidability of a value bubble, resulting in the price bursting and future collapse of the project. When you hear about a value bubble, it means the price increase of a token isn’t related to the fundamental value of that coin. How can both early and late investors get the actual value of a token? That is what PROMISE wants to help the cryptocurrency industry solve.

What is PROMISE?

PROMISE is the first BEP20 token based on trust. The token promises an endless, increasing price since everyone who has access to the PROMISE token can promise to keep it for at least 15 days. The platform has a Wall of Honor where holders who hold the token for a more extended period are ranked and inducted. However, investors who couldn’t keep their promise are placed on the Wall of Shame with the community mocking them.

What makes PROMISE unique?

The PROMISE project is uniquely designed to be a self-generating yield and liquidity protocol that reward its holders who hold their token for 14 days. However, the longer an investor holds its token, the greater the rewards. Besides this, there are opportunities to participate in

  • Lottery pool
  • Charity, and
  • Burning votes

PROMISE keeping the promise!

With so many promises made every day, this promise is different! With the guarantee of continuously price increase of this token, it now stands at +500% gains for the pasts 7 days and “promises” to continue to make the rapid move with so high on potential.

How to Buy PROMISE on PancakeSwap

If you are new to trading, you need to download the Trust Wallet app and install it on your phone to buy the PROMISE token. Then log into your Binance account and buy the Binance coin if you don’t have it in your Binance wallet. Now to buy the PROMISE token, you need to swap your Binance coin.

  • Go to PancakeSwap.finance homepage and connect to your wallet.
  • Under the “From” section, enter the amount and select “Smart Chain BNB,” while under the “To,” you need to copy the PROMISE contract address – 0xcbcCf14B051947BDcd1E20b77015208a1AD5EA25 and paste on it.
  • Then click on Swap, and the particular PROMISE amount will reflect in your wallet.

About Promise

Promise is the world’s first BEP20 token based on trust. Our token guarantees a continuously increasing price because everyone who holds the Promise token makes a promise to hold it for at least 15 days.

The longest holders will be honored with glory and shown on the top list of the Wall of Honor, while others who don’t keep their promise will end up on the Wall of Shame and be mocked by the community.

Social links

Telegram: https://t.me/promisetoken

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/promisetoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Promise55287442

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaHxcs9zROYk6qtigibMsmw