Gil Friedman Presents 32 Rules and Exercises to Achieve a Miserable Life In “How to Be Totally Unhappy in a Peaceful World”

Gil Friedman utilizes humor and reverse psychology to help readers become aware of the things that rob them of happiness in this unorthodox and genuinely unique self-help book.

The book contains 32 rules and exercises that, if strictly followed, will help the reader achieve total misery and absolute happiness. Friedman makes polite, ironic, and funny points that a lot of regular daily thinking is incredibly damaging and pointless. He conveys his views in a fun and efficient manner. The approach focuses on demonstrating how you must think in order to feel truly miserable. For example, if you want to feel genuinely sad, Friedman recommends having all of the humiliating things you’ve ever done completely present in your thoughts.

Through these paradoxical contexts, Friedman effectively points out how we become the sources of our own misery and happiness and how our thinking can affect our outlook in certain situations. The first edition of this light-hearted book was well-received and has garnered positive feedback from people who have read it. One online commenter wrote:

“I have read many, many books in the self-help/new age category. I would rate this one in the top 10. Mr. Friedman is a long-time student of Gurdjieff. This background undoubtedly helped him to write this wonderful collection of 30 philosophical/psychological rules for non-living to ponder. Wake up and buy this book ”

The book is a tasteful blend of humor, life lessons, and creativity.

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How To Be Totally Unhappy In A Peaceful World
Author: Gil Friedman
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: October 2021
Book Genre: Self-help

About the Author:
Gil Friedman has written several books including “How to Buy and Sell a Used Car in Europe,” “How to Conduct Your Own Divorce in England and Wales,” “A Dictionary of Love: An Anthology of Quotations on Love from the Profane to the Profound arranged alphabetically into 191 Subject Categories.” This latter book was  reissued in an expanded form in February 2000 and is entitled, “Love Notes: Quotations from the Heart.” Gil Friedman lives, rides his bike and swing dances in Northern California.