Superstar Hrithik Roshan features in a new TVC campaign of Ascent Meditech’s flagship brand Flamingo – An Aid for a New Life

Ascent Meditech Limited, a leading player in Orthopedic Soft Goods, Mobility, Wound-care and Healthcare products, continues its association with superstar Hrithik Roshan for its flagship brand Flamingo – An Aid for a New Life! In his inimitable style, Hrithik Roshan features in a new international campaign for Flamingo appealing to Indian and global consumers, who want to overcome health-fitness challenges and get on with their lives in order to achieve a status, position, identity and success. The campaign featuring a pensive yet arresting and mesmerising Hrithik Roshan has been brilliantly shot as per international standards by ace creative director Roop Naik leveraging consumer-industry insights provided by Rajiv Mistry, Founder & MD, Ascent Meditech Ltd.

As people grapple with the New Normal post lockdown, icon Hrithik Roshan muses, “What Is It that works for us in our life’s journey… Is it What we understand…or Is It What we think…or What we know…or is it What we learn! Understanding…Thinking…Knowing…Learning…matters! But what ultimately matters the most is that what we do in our life…. That’s What Matters! You can dream and aspire to excel in any field but if you are challenged by any physical disability, then Flamingo – An Aid For A New Life – is there to support you as it has been doing for 28 years.” The epitome of super-human fitness and dancer par excellence, Hrithik Roshan is the first superstar to endorse Orthopaedic soft goods, mobility, wound-care and healthcare products under the Flamingo brand.

Rajiv Mistry, Managing Director, Ascent Meditech Ltd., said, “Flamingo and Hrithik Roshan have cemented their bond and taken a new leap of faith to the global markets. Just as Hrithik Roshan appears new and different in every film, Flamingo invests in R&D to create innovations for anyone, who uses orthopaedic aids and support systems in their lives. Just as Hrithik Roshan displays a multiple facets in his roles, Flamingo has the widest and largest possible portfolio of products to improve the quality of human life. The classy creative international interpretation in the new TVCs reflects the new ethos and energy of the brand, which reinvents and reinvigorates itself with every passing year.”

Ascent Meditech unveiled its new customer-centric single and two-coloured variants for Flamingo’s range of pain management products across categories – Black, Beige and a combination of Black & Orange for the Regular range; and Turquoise Blue for the Premium range of products giving it a trendier, sporty and contemporary look, appealing to the younger and millennial customers.

The Company introduced Flamingo Back Comfort Belt, a lifestyle product carefully made to offer relief and comfort from the niggles associated with human back. Back Comfort Belt, is an addition to the existing Lifestyle range which boasts of top of the line products under Heat Therapy, Cold Therapy including Back Rest and Cushions. Flamingo’s range of lifestyle products can be used by people across all age-groups for regular day-to-day activities; be at home or at work. Included in the preventive yet lifestyle category is Regular & Premium Knee Cap, Regular & Premium Elbow Support, Regular & Premium Anklet, Regular & Premium Thigh & Calf Supports and Waist Trimmer. Knee Cap provides support to the knee and offers mild compression. It is recommended in sports injury, old age etc. Thigh Support is recommended in sports injury & post-surgical rehabilitation care. It offers relief in pain and inflammation. Elbow Support provides relief from pain associated with old age, sports injury, etc. Waist Trimmer helps to reduce excess weight and reduces unwanted inches. Anklet is recommended in edema, sports injury, mild to moderate sprains & strains and old age.

Adhering to international certification standards for medical products, the Flamingo range of 320+ products, are accepted by consumers in 50+ countries globally. Ascent Meditech had also announced the partnership of their flagship brand Flamingo with U Mumba, which started with U Mumba Kabaddi during Season 7 of Pro-Kabaddi League; moving on further to U Mumba Volley in the Pro Volleyball League and U Mumba TT in the Ultimate Table Tennis.

Flamingo’s product range is segregated into 7 categories: Comfort Range: For Back, Shoulder, Arm, Leg, Knee, Ankle, Compression Aids and Splints; Premium Range: Regular Premium, Neoprene; Lifestyle Range: For Heat Therapy, Cold Therapy, Back Rest, Cushions, Sports; Pediatric Range: For Kids; Wound-care Range: Bandages for everyday use; Mobility Range: Crutches, Walkers; Footcare Range: Heel Cushions, Medial Arch Support.

The Company launched its e-commerce platform making its flagship brand Flamingo products available anytime, anywhere across the country. The Company’s e-commerce platform has most of its products (available in multiple SKUs) out of the total portfolio of over 325+ products. The product mix maintained for the e-commerce platform comprises of OTC as well as RX products, with majority being OTC products. Products across the 7 categories are available at a discount of 10% to the MRP. Ascent Meditech has tied up with FedEx for product fulfillment across the length and breadth of the country. There is a flat 10% discount for all purchases made on On purchase of Rs. 200 and above, consumers need not pay any Delivery Charges.


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