SYNOVA files lawsuit against Sitec for patent infringement

On September 27, 2021 Synova S.A. (“Synova”) filed a lawsuit against Sitec Industrietechnologie GmbH (“Sitec”) with the Mannheim District Court for infringement of its patent EP 1 833 636 B1.

Synova is the inventor of the water jet guided laser technology Laser MicroJet®. The Synova patent referred to above relates to a core part of this technology. The patent has been granted for major European countries, the USA, Japan, China, South Korea and for Israel. The patented invention allows water jet stabilization for water jet guided laser processing, thus enabling reliable and precise material machining.

Sitec offers laser cutting machines under the name “clean cutting by SITEC” which are based on laser cutting heads from Avonisys AG (“Avonisys”). In the opinion of Synova, this technology falls under its patent. Therefore, Synova requests the Mannheim court to render an injunction, to have Sitec recall their products, to have them destroyed and to compensate Synova for its damages.

The founders and directors of Avonisys are former employees of Synova. In Switzerland, a patent litigation between Synova and Avonisys has been ongoing since 2018.

Synova will continue to vigorously enforce its intellectual property rights on its Laser MicroJet technology.

About Synova
Synova S.A., headquartered in Duillier, Switzerland, manufactures advanced laser cutting systems that incorporate its proprietary water jet guided laser technology (Laser MicroJet) in a true industrial CNC platform. Customers benefit from significant yield and improved cutting quality as well as enhanced capabilities for precision machining a wide range of materials. For more information, visit our website at