Hong Kong – List of private doctors who can prescribe COVID-19 oral drugs published

List of private doctors who can prescribe COVID-19 oral drugs published


     A Government spokesman said that the list of private doctors who have obtained COVID-19 oral drugs for prescription, namely Paxlovid and Molnupiravir, through a dedicated online platform has been published on a designated website today (April 26).

     The Government had earlier announced that the above two COVID-19 oral drugs would be provided to private doctors free of charge for prescribing the drugs to suitable COVID-19 patients. The Department of Health issued a letter on April 11 to private doctors who have registered under the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) informing them that they could make requests for provision of the two COVID-19 oral drugs via the dedicated online platform. The list of private doctors registered with the eHRSS who have obtained the COVID-19 antivirals for managing COVID-19 cases is published on www.coronavirus.gov.hk/pdf/tp_pd_antiviral.pdf to facilitate the public in receiving treatment. The list will be updated when appropriate to reflect the changes in the number of doctors.


     Guidelines, fact sheets on the use of the drugs as well as other points to note provided by the Hospital Authority (HA) are available for download at the platform. Private doctors must follow the treatment guidelines set out by the HA. They should not charge patients any fees for the COVID-19 oral drugs. The spokesman said that in order to keep track of the prescriptions, private doctors who wish to prescribe the COVID-19 oral drugs should have registered under the eHRSS. After they log in to the platform to make the requests, a drug distributor will distribute the drugs concerned to their selected practice address among those they have registered with the eHRSS. The distributor will process the requests as far as possible on the following working day for those requests made before 4pm during weekdays. A maximum of 10 standard courses of treatments for each antiviral is allowed on each order request. Allocation of the antivirals will be subject to availability and usage of the drugs under the doctor’s account.

50th Anniversary of Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders was founded in Paris on December 22, 1971, to help people in war zones and those in the wake of natural disasters. Today, help is needed more than ever-and it can be hard to find cause for celebration. Yet for ten years, NOMOS Glashütte has been helping people help with watches for humanitarian aid.

GLASHÜTTE, DECEMBER 2021. Paris, 1971: With the intention to help people in need and to speak on their behalf, irrespective of their political or religious views, on December 22 a group of thirteen doctors and journalists founded the organization Médecins Sans Frontières-Doctors Without Borders. Their first mission in a conflict zone occurred during the civil war in Lebanon, where doctors and nurses treated casualties from both sides in a hospital basement. Today, in the winter of 2021 and half a century after its founding, Doctors Without Borders operates in more than 70 countries where more than 65,000 individuals assist people caught in crises. They are doctors, nurses, logistics experts, administrators, epidemiologists, laboratory technicians, mental health professionals, and others whose work is guided by humanitarian principles and medical ethics. In 1999, Doctors Without Borders was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their work.

The key to the organization’s ability to act independently in response to a crisis is its largely private, independent funding, and partnerships like the one with NOMOS Glashütte help provide aid to people in need. For ten years, watchmaker NOMOS in Glashütte, Saxony, has been making watches supporting Doctors Without Borders. To date, NOMOS Glashütte has made over 10,000 watches and 14 different models for humanitarian aid, all identifiable by the red twelve. And for each watch-depending on the model and country-between 100 and 250 euros, dollars, pounds go directly to Doctors Without Borders.

Now, in 2021, NOMOS Glashütte has made even more watches to support the organization’s lifesaving work. To mark the 50th anniversary of Médecins Sans Frontières, as well as a partnership of ten years, NOMOS x Doctors Without Borders has its global debut: The NOMOS watch Tangente 38 is the famous hand-wound and hand-made classic with a diameter of 38 millimeters. As a special edition, 50 ans de Médecins Sans Frontières is limited to 2,021 units worldwide. For each watch, 100 euros goes to Doctors Without Borders. Christian Katzer, Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders Germany: “Each watch helps us provide life-saving aid-in places where there is none.” Help which, in the face of emergencies exacerbated in many countries by the pandemic, is needed more than ever.

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