Devart SQL Tools Comes with a Massive Updates

Devart, one of the leading developers of database management software and data providers for most popular database servers, and ALM solutions, has released a new version 6.0 of SQL Tools. The main improvements focused on performance optimization, connectivity advancement, productivity growth, and coding speed optimization.

The most notable updates are:

Azure SQL Managed Instance Connectivity Support.

Options Search and New formatting Profiles added for Schema Compare v5.1, Data Compare v5.1, Data Generator v4.3, Query Builder v3.16, Documenter v1.5.

Schema/Data Synchronization Wizard now includes the Additional Scripts tab that can be used to add additional scripts executed before and/or after data synchronization.

In the updated dbForge Documenter for SQL Server, the Auto-line-break of Long Headings improvement is introduced. The improvement makes the whole name of the document displayed and hence gives you more clarity when working with the database documentation.

Viewing of exact data differences has become more smooth and clear in dbForge Source Control v2.3: tabs of the grid became more informative with more crisp data differences highlighting.

dbForge SQL Complete v6.8 is updated with the support for with inline for Create or Alter Function, Approx_count_distinct, Allow_batch_mode.

The updated dbForge Data Pump v1.6 allows easily migrating table data between your SQL tables and Google Spreadsheets.

dbForge DevOps Automation v1.1 features the following new cmdlets: Class Register-DevartTools, Class Unregister-DevartTools. The cmdlet helps to deactivate any of the tools included in SQL Tools.

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