5th Annual Mile High Denver Boutique Week!

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Denver, CO Author Publishes Quasi-Autobiography

We Are America, We Are Americans, a new book by Matt Teahan, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

A Journey through life (at least part of it)… and the lessons learned… and in a rare instance…. taught. In this quasi-autobiography, I answer the confounding questions of our day through a riveting (for some people) journey of all topics relevant. Is the United States of America really a Christian Nation? Where has this Country’s corporate leadership gone? Why would anyone waste an entire adolescence refining their basketball jump shot? Why has the moral compass in Professional Sports disappeared into the abyss of political wokeness? Why do we need to ban plastic straws and not water bottles…..particularly if Climate Change is going to kill us all in 9 years, anyway? How do we pay reparations for people of mixed race? How can chicken sandwiches galvanize and legitimize the LGBT community? What did I share with the Pope at the sacred site of Fatima? What’s it going to take to get millennials off Twitter, out of Mom’s basement and into Church? Why is ‘systemic ignorance’ a far greater threat to this country than anything else ‘systemic’? I’ll introduce a toxic blend of fact, fiction, criticism, sarcasm, reality, inquiry, and humor into the topics of the day. And I’ll blend my shallow, yet relevant, life experiences into the mix where it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. You may get bored. You might not. You may or may not like my viewpoints. You might not even like me. But you won’t be the first nor the last. I think, however, everyone will find something here they can relate to. Whether it’s basketball, friends, God, politics, a career, or the social issues of the day there’s something for everybody. Even for those who rarely open a book, like today’s College students. For them I’ve included pictures. See! Something for everybody!! And although some of my viewpoints you may frown upon, you will appreciate the humor, anecdotes, multiple geography lessons, ridicule, sarcasm, and blatant hypocrisy that I’ll expose on any number of topics. All shrouded in the novel concept called ‘common sense’. And if you don’t like to read about those types of things, then don’t buy the book. Get it at the library.

I started this book on July 4th, 2020. And I did it for a reason.

About the Author

Having lived in a dozen states and a couple of foreign countries and spent over 35 years in Corporate America, Matt now finds himself biding his time between Colorado and Arizona, coaching basketball, playing Pickleball, and searching for his tee shots. He continues, along with his two fleabag cats, to be active in fighting for freedom, love of God, country, and all things USA.

We Are America, We Are Americans is a 460-page paperback with a retail price of $26.00 (hardcover $30.00, eBook $21.00). The ISBN is 978-1-6853-7420-4. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For members of the press, to request a review copy, visit our virtual pressroom at https://dorrancepressroom.com/we-are-america-we-are-americans/ or to buy the book visit our online bookstore at https://bookstore.dorrancepublishing.com/we-are-america-we-are-americans-pb/


Denver Foothills and Denver Area Continues to Struggle With Low Home Inventory

The Denver Foothills real estate market has seen inventory go up and down in the last 2 years but even at the peak, it is still lower year over year.

Evergreen, CO, USA – WEBWIRE

Inventory is low but Orson Hill Realty had one of its best years ever in 2021

Colorado and the Denver Foothills area have seen some months of very low inventory in the past two years. That has not only pushed home prices through the roof it also has made things difficult on buyers. Our peak month in 2021 was July with about 450 active listings. Although this was down considerably from past years it was still enough to keep the industry moving. We are currently seeing about 195 active listings at the time of this article. This is making it a seller’s market. 

When discussing the Denver Foothills real estate agents are referring to Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison, Bailey and Golden. This area is one of the most desirable areas in Colorado due to its close proximity to Denver and the ski resorts. This desirability has impacted the real estate market from inventory to purchase price. 

Most real estate agents are of the opinion that things need to give very soon. The real estate market can not continue at this pace of appreciation much longer. Realtors are already starting to see a shift to more of a buyers market. 

Yarn Shoppe Denver to Host 3rd Annual Mile High Denver Boutique Week in Denver, CO!

3rd Annual Denver Boutique Week

A Celebration of Local Black Owned Businesses in Denver, CO.


3rd Annual Dbw Photo For Pr

3rd Annual Dbw Photo For Pr

DENVERJuly 21, 2021PRLog — It’s Time to Shop till you drop, in Denver, CO.!   Vintage Handbags Denver, and Yarn Shoppe Denver, 1615 California St., #403, Denver, CO 80202, 720.473.2598.  Vintage Handbags Denver https://goo.gl/maps/WFo7X4SQHrhct5QS7 and www.YarnShoppeDenver.com hosts its 3rd Annual Mile High Denver Boutique Week, July 30 – August 6, 2021.  This free community event is not to be missed!  Join us as we celebrate the best local Black owned businesses in the Mile High City!

This is an eight (8) day shopping spree, in person and on-line!  Begin at Vintage Handbags Denver and enter for your chance to win a Gift Card and door prizes as you make your way to Yarn Shoppe Denver and Shop at Matter!  Take the time to plan your boutique week adventure. Pay attention to the Shops, makers, and artisan’s hours and days of the week of operation for each business.  Due to the Covid – 19 pandemic, please follow social distancing, and wear masks.  You may also shop each Black owned business on their website’s on-line store!  The largest curated event of its kind in the Rocky Mountain Region, the 3rd Annual Mile High Denver Boutique Week is an annual event hosted by Bags by CAB a/k/a Yarn Shoppe Denver as an opportunity for local Black owned business entrepreneurs; creators, makers, handcrafters, local artisans, and designers to showcase their local businesses, and connect with the community.

We are proud to bring Denver’s best curated group of local Black businesses directly to you for eight (8) fabulous days beginning with the best Genuine Vintage Designer Handbag shop; Vintage Handbags Denver, Google Page: https://goo.gl/maps/WFo7X4SQHrhct5QS7 the absolute best genuine vintage selection in the Mile High City!  Calling all hipsters, book worms, thinkers, gamers and lovers of the literary arts; Shop At Matter https://www.shopatmatter.com/ located in the hip Coors Field Neighborhood.  Also, let’s not forget about the absolute best, local yarn store in downtown Denver, Yarn Shoppe Denver, www.yarnshoppedenver.com located on California Street and 16th Street Mall!  Shop their local hand spun, hand dyed yarns by local fiber artisans.  Yarn Shoppe Denver is the official Travel Concierge for all knit and crochet experiences in downtown Denver.  Book your Friday night staycation during your visit.  Finally, we encourage you to shop these amazing women Black owned on-line businesses: www.curioussunshine.com, www.mobilecomputrain.com www.bagsbycab.com and locally owned and operated www.yarnshoppedenver.com is proud to feature multiple female fiber artisans showcasing their handcrafted designs.

Wear comfortable shoes and have plenty of arm space to carry your special “one of a kind finds and pick up several items to fill up your shopping bags! Plan your days, and times for parking, walking, and shopping  www.DenverBoutiqueWeek.com.  Shop on-line or stop by Yarn Shoppe Denver and enjoy free door prizes! Experience the fun and excitement July 30 – August 6, 2021. Visit us, or call: 720.473.2598.  Shop till you drop!  CAB 😊

Contact:   Cassandra Allen – Brown

Bags By CAB, LLC

Bags By CAB – Yarn Shoppe

Bags By CAB – Production & Events

Yarn Shoppe Denver

1615 California St #403, Denver, CO 80202

Phone 720.473.2598

www.yarnshoppedenver.com (Yarn Shoppe Denver)

https://squareup.com/store/yarn-shoppe  (On-Line Retail)

https://goo.gl/maps/NKaFYLB6uWE2  (Google Page)

https://www.vintagehandbagsdenver.com (Vintage Handbags)

http://yarnshoppestudio.blogspot.com (Education)

https://bagsbycab.blogspot.com/ (Blog)

www.Instagram.com/yarnshoppe_denver (Instagram)