Infogix Completes 3D Lineage Vision in Data360, Connecting Critical Data to Business Processes and Operations

Infogix, a leading provider of data solutions, has met the challenge of providing modern data-driven organizations with the ability to visualize the relationships that data has to systems, processes and people. Infogix’s latest release establishes business process integrity by adding Process Diagrams to its 3D Lineage capabilities.

The Process Diagram follows the release of Data360’s automated Data Lineage Diagrams and business-outcome focused Business Impact Diagrams, providing a 360 view of business knowledge around enterprise data. Only available within the company’s data intelligence platform, Data360®, the Process Diagrams empower data users to gain insight into business and data processes so they can make better decisions about how to improve business performance from the data level.

“Traditional data governance and metadata management solutions fail to link data assets to business process execution, completely overlooking operational use cases where data is the key ingredient to driving business process excellence,” said Emily Washington, executive vice president of product management at Infogix. “3D Lineage Process Diagrams connect business processes to the underlying data assets, giving data leaders a critical tool to make more informed data decisions, improve business operations and increase overall program value.”

All business-critical operations rely on trustworthy and reliable data, however, it’s difficult to see the relationship that data has to the overall process, key stage gates, organizational roles and associated value. Data360’s 3D Process Diagrams completely streamline business operations by making it easy to identify relationships between critical data assets, data trust levels and holistic process execution.

According to Washington, “Infogix clients, regardless of size, or industry, need visibility into how to reduce operational complexities, increase process efficiency and improve overall productivity to support business-focused, data use cases. 3D Lineage Process Diagrams complement Data360’s ability to provide data reconciliation, workflow and case management by implementing a process-focused system and aligning business processes to business rules and data.”

Infogix’s best-in-class Data360 data intelligence platform features a unique set of integrated and automated capabilities for business users that include data governance, data quality and data analytics.

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