WeCutFoam Now Offering Soft & Flexible Foam Cutting Services Using Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

 WeCutFoam, providing foam cutting, machining and prototyping services nationally, is expending its services to include flexible and soft foam cutting, using an oscillating tangential rotating knife cutter that produces clean neat edges with accurate cuts.

WeCutFoam is a subsidiary company of Foamlinx LLC, a designer and manufacturer of CNC foam cutting machines since 2001. The company fabricates logos, letters, signs, packaging inserts, exhibits, and prototypes. Recently, due to a rising demand from customers to produce parts from foam such as soft Polyurethane, Polyethylene, EVA and other flexible materials, the company purchased the Oscillating knife cutter.

The machine uses knife blades in up and down speedy vibration motions to achieve smooth, clean and accurate cuts. This enables the company to offer fabrication services of cutting materials that cannot be nicely cut on other foam cutting machinery. Also, with certain materials, using a routing spindle or a hot wire is not a viable option, as thin or flexible material is not robust enough to be machined successfully. Trying to cut soft urethane foam on a hot wire cutter would give out toxic fumes, cutting flexible foam on a laser cutter might burn the edges, and trying to machine EVA material on a router would cause distortion and poor accuracy due to the difficulty in holding down the material.

The Oscillating knife cutter is also able to cut materials such as cardboard, corrugated plastic, foam core, PVC, rubber and sponge foam, PVC, leather and carbon fiber. This enables WeCutFoam to extend its services to more customers and broader industries including the creation of car seats, steering wheel grips, cushions, upholstery, interiors and acoustic panels for the automotive industry, prototypes for research & development as well as for Aerospace, inserts for the packaging industry, products for sign shops and for the fashion industry, all while being able to offer more products and materials variety.

A selection of easily interchangeable cartridges allows a wide range of material to be processed and the full directional control of the blade allows for straight edges, sharp corners and all radii to be cut cleanly and accurately. The oscillating cutting process allows for minimizing time and cost on tooling, manufacturing and managing during the fabrication process. As a result, the turnaround time capabilities improve by being 70% faster than manual cutting.

Sigal, WeCutFoam Co-Owner noted that the company’s purchase of this machine was a game changer. According to Sigal, it’s a vital tool for any company that needs to process any flexible materials. She continued to say, “yesterday, it took us days to try and cut packaging foam for tooling inserts, cuts were off and gave us a bit of a headache due to the material choice and the limited machine choice in hand. Today, with the use of the Oscillating machine the headache is a thing of the past, as accurate cuts now taking us hours instead of days.”

WeCutFoam is one of the leading fabricators of foam products in the Bay Area, serving the entire U.S. for over twenty years. The company creates custom props, sculptures, art work, signs, logo, dimensional letters, displays, exhibits and much more. WeCutFoam is also known for its artistic department, providing carving, sanding, coating and painting services to create full-rounded projects. To learn more about the company, please visit our website or call (408) 454-6163

About the company: WeCutFoam was founded in Silicon Valley, CA in 2001. The company specializes in customized cutting shapes out of almost any type of foam, wood and plastics. WeCutFoam creates props for movie sets and theaters, dimensional signs, letters, logos, architectural shapes, museums and galleries exhibits, trade show displays, parade floats and more. The company makes full-scale oversized 3D shapes such as race cars, planes and props, providing coating, painting and 3D printing services as well.


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ARCH® Cutting Tools Corp. acquires CONTOUR360

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich.Sept. 13, 2021PRLog — ARCH® Cutting Tools Corp., an ARCH Global Precision Company (“ARCH”), today announces the acquisition of CONTOUR360 of Cornish, Maine.  The reputation of CONTOUR360 for supplying high-quality engineered solid round cutting tools was the foremost consideration for developing the relationship.   As a leader in the industry, delivering custom tools to customers in the aerospace, medical, automotive, defense, and industrial manufacturing markets, CONTOUR360’s relentless dedication to customer relationships will blend seamlessly with the ARCH Cutting Tools culture.

“I am extremely proud to have the CONTOUR360 team join the ARCH family.  As I’ve gotten to know the capabilities and values of CONTOUR360, it has become clear that the team’s dedication to quality, service, and innovative tool design shines through in everything they do,” said Jeff Cederstrom, Division President – ARCH Cutting Tools. “These values, along with a clear entrepreneurial spirit, are strongly aligned with the ARCH Cutting Tools culture.  The reputation of CONTOUR360 is second to none, and we look forward to working together.”

Tom Gleason, an owner of CONTOUR360, said, “We are very proud to be joining the ARCH Cutting Tool team and confident that the legacy that CONTOUR360 has built over the past 28 years will provide a solid base upon which the company can grow. Our baby is in good hands.”

“Without fail, everyone I’ve dealt with in the ARCH family has conducted themselves with honesty, integrity, and a passion for the industry,” said John Moller, an owner of CONTOUR360. “For these reasons, the decision to join the ARCH team was a no-brainer. The partnership between ARCH Cutting Tools and CONTOUR360 is a perfect fit and an important step as ARCH builds a world-class cutting tool brand.”

ARCH President and Chief Executive Officer Eli Crotzer believes that the strengths of CONTOUR360 will complement the customer-focused culture that ARCH Cutting Tools has built over the years.

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know this ownership group over the last five years, as well as visited the CONTOUR360 facility on multiple occasions,” Crotzer noted. “From the beginning of our relationship, I was impressed with the technical expertise within the CONTOUR360 workforce.  As ARCH continues to build and expand upon our leading national customs and specials business, there is no question that CONTOUR360 will further enhance our offering to the marketplace.”

About ARCH® Cutting Tools

ARCH, a Jordan Company based in metro Detroit, is recognized as a world leader in high-performance solid round and indexable cutting tools. With manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States, the company’s engineering and machining facilities are dedicated to the betterment of precision machined parts, products, tools, and related supply chain processes. ARCH Cutting Tools combines the expertise of leading American manufacturing professionals and expanding technologies to serve the medical, aerospace and defense, and industrial markets. ARCHcuttingtools.com


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Director, Marketing and Business Development