Lucid and Cross Marketing Co. Ltd. partner on ‘Global QiQUMO’

Global programmatic research technology company Lucid has partnered with Cross Marketing Co. Ltd. to expand the reach of their self-service survey platform through the launch of ‘Global QiQUMO’.
The partnership enables Global QiQUMO users in Japan to access online survey respondents in a variety of languages and across 21 countries including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, US and the UK. Organizations considering entry into overseas markets can now leverage Global QiQUMO to quickly create localized questionnaires and collate quality survey results in new regions at a reasonable cost.

Tomoe Kita, country manager for East Asia at Lucid said, “As the world continues to change at rapid pace, it’s critical for businesses to have research tools that provide them with timely and cost-efficient insight into the minds of consumers across regions important to them. Cross Marketing Co. Ltd has built a valuable survey platform for providing those insights, and Lucid is delighted to partner with them to expand on the reach and scale of Global QiQUMO to additional markets.”

As a data and insights business, Cross Marketing Co. Ltd delivers services related to marketing research including data handling support. The company’s industry expertise and global reach ensures their customers receive best in class services.

About Cross Marketing Co.Ltd

As a data marketing and insight business, Cross Marketing Co. Ltd.’s main business focuses on marketing research and consultation related to marketing research. Cross Marketing Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive marketing company with more than 10,000 annual survey results in various industries, government and academia. In addition, the company offers marketing research services in more than 20 bases in 11 countries around the world, and in recent years has been actively focusing on marketing support using data. Cross Marketing Co. Ltd. has various achievements in handling data, and continually builds professional knowledge and expertise of the industry through participation in various associations and academic societies.

About Lucid

Lucid is a research technology (ResTech) platform that provides programmatic access to first-party data. With respondents in more than 100 countries, Lucid enables anyone, in any industry, to survey online audiences and get the answers they need. These answers reveal the sentiments, motivations, and behaviors of target demographics – data that can be used to build business strategies, measure the impact of digital advertising, publish research, and more. Founded in 2010, Lucid is headquartered in New Orleans, LA with offices throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.

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Cross Your City, ADO A20F Fat Tire Urban Ebike Debuts

Innovative startup ADO officially debuts the A20F off-road commuter Ebike globally on July 1st. The A20F is positioned as an urban off-road Ebike, able to conquer all urban terrains.
With years of efforts and accumulation in the electric bicycle industry, ADO has reached cooperation with 30 local distributing partners in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal, Finland, Slovenia, Vietnam, etc., radiating its business to the world. ADO will maintain its momentum to focus on deployment and continue to tackle the eight regional markets of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

What users get from A20F Ebike

ADO A20F electric bicycle, positioned as urban off-road, can conquer all urban terrains:
– 500W (CE version: 250W) and 380r/min motor, rated as off-road power drive, provides excellent obstacle crossing ability, can easily conquer all urban terrains
– ADO G-DRIVE Control System
– SHIMANO 7 speed Transmission System offers an easy cycling experience
– Full body shock absorption system provides a smooth riding experience
– 36V10.4AH, automobile-level battery and energy recovery system provide with excellent cycling distance
– 886 Type HD LCD Display, crystal clear under the sunshine
– USB charging/gravity handle follows ergonomic design principles
– Adjustable saddle and stem, A20F electric bicycle is suitable for people whose height is 150cm-200cm.

ADO G-DRIVE frequency conversion control system can instantly receive signals from the motor sensor, and adapt to various cycling occasions and bicycle modes by providing a super-strong motor drive. Meanwhile, it helps reduce energy consumption to increase the riding distance.

The energy recovery system and 3.25 gold transmission ratio design increase the power conversion efficiency by more than 92% through the power sensor and control system, thus improving the battery life.

Hassle-free after-sales support, warranty up to 10 years

Besides launching an accessible Ebike with high quality, ADO spares no effort to set up strong and long-term after-sales support in Europe. This has been a pain in the neck for years that local customers find it difficult or inconvenient to get simple issues fixed.

ADO promises to provide consumers with localized hassle-free technology and after-sales service in European countries. Fast dispatch from local European warehouses and real-time online technical information, advice, guidance available. Plus, free replacement for a new Ebike when maintenance is not available due to quality issues is guaranteed.

For warranty policies, ADO offers a 10-year warranty for the frame and a 1-year warranty covers structural parts – front fork, seat tube, handlebar, a headset stem, brake handle, brake lever, sprocket crank, chain wheel, thumb shifter, derailleur; and electrical components – charger, battery, motor, controller, instrument, booster, USB charger, acceleration handle, 2in1 switch, and headlight.

To provide better after-sales support, ADO has set up a technical service centre in the industrial area of Broussard, Germany, with a self-built warehouse of 3,000 square meters and an office of 400 square meters. Besides, three other maintenance centres, respectively in Germany, UK and Poland, provide instant follow-ups to customers’ repair requests in Europe.

Green commuting

ADO is a brand born in the middle of the pandemic when the world is facing changes in all walks of life. Sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial and Ebike marketing is booming. Therefore, a green commute is important for not only personal health but for ensuring that people have a healthy planet to inhabit in the future. Slow-moving cars emit more fumes, making traffic jams and red lights unhealthy and unsustainable.

“Riding a bike or walking to work can help people show up awake, sharp, and focused. When people choose an active commute, they are incorporating physical activity into their daily routine in a necessary way.” Sen said, founder of ADO and an advocate of a green and healthy lifestyle himself.

In order to adapt to the road conditions of different countries, ADO has developed the fat tire electric bicycle A20F. Solar energy Ebikes and hubless Ebikes will also be considered in the coming future.

The A20F Ebike has been crowdfunded on at a unit price of USD 899 from July 1st to July 22th. Buying more and more discounts is available. The transaction price of 2 units is 1769 USD and the transaction price of 5 units is 4299 USD. After the crowdfunding, A20F will sell in AliExpress/Amazon official store.

About ADO

ADO is short for ‘A Dece Oasis’, or Oasis in the Desert. ADO is taken from Crescent Lake in China, a diamond on the ancient Silk Road, and a bridge connecting China and Western. Flowing for thousands of years in the desert, Crescent Lake is symbolic of Green and Challenge, and Inheritance and Hope. ADO was founded in 2020, committed to building a green commuting ecology by advocating the riding culture and philosophy of Green, Challenge, Inheritance & Hope.

The slogan of ADO is “Cross Your City, ADO Ebike”, which means that ADO crosses the city to the user’s side, and accompanies the user cross his city.

In May 2021, ADO launched the first Ebike A20 equipped with competitive electric power and a multiple shock absorption system, In July 2021, ADO launched the fat tire Ebike A20F equipped with competitive electric power and a multiple shock absorption system. Based on the complex road conditions in various countries, ADO has a clear direction for product development: ADO products are positioned as urban off-road Ebikes suitable for all urban road conditions. With the highest requirements for electric power and shock absorption systems, ADO Ebike was born for pursuing the ultimate in quality. Learn more at

Media Contact
Sen Xie
T: +86 13928317901

Watch on YouTube (, follow on Facebook (@Adoebike).

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DD Free Dish cross 40 million Household: EY FICCI ME Report 2021

DD Free Dish has continued its strong growth trajectory and its base has crossed an estimated 40 million subscribers according to the EY FICCI Media Entertainment Report 2021. The growth has been attributed to less expensive television sets, economic issues, launch of the DD Retro Channel and return of big broadcasters to the Free Dish platform. DD Free Dish has also become a second set top box within the home, used when there are no large events on television in some cases. Free Dish distributors have mentioned year on year growth in sales as well as the inability to keep up with demand due to a shortage of China-manufactured chipsets. Television households will continue to grow at over 5% till 2025, driven by connected TVs which could cross 40 million by 2025 and DD Free Dish could cross 50 million.

DD Free Dish, is a multi-channel Free-To-Air Direct to Home (DTH) service of Prasar Bharati. Primary objective of DD Free Dish is to provide an alternative and affordable platform for quality entertainment & information to people without any subscription fee.

Presently DD Free Dish hosts 161 TV channels including 91 Doordarshan channels (comprising of 51 cobranded educational channels), 70 private channels and 48 radio channels. With effect from 1.4.2021 DD Free Dish private TV channel bouquet would comprise of 10 Hindi GEC, 15 Hindi Movies, 6 Music, 20 News, 8 Bhojpuri, 3 Devotional and 2 Foreign channels. DD Free Dish is presently under upgradation and is expected to add another few channels in its bouquet by May 2021. Recently an online webapp has also been released that aids consumers in finding DD Free Dish Set Top Box dealers based on their nearest location.

The 2021 edition of the FICCI-EY report on the Indian media and entertainment (M&E) sector released in March 2021 showcases the present and future growth scenario of every segment of M&E viz. TV, radio, print, digital, etc.  in the light of demand patterns shift aided by the growth of digital infrastructure accompanied by  accelerated digital media adoption .


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