A Courageous Mother’s Journey in Shaping Her Children’s Future

This powerful book inspires and builds awareness through her life story of becoming a parent and advocate for her children’s right to live a full and fulfilling life.

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An inspiring author, Dorothy Fickenscher writes her own story about how she raised her twins with special needs. The infinite possibilities of living a rich and full life despite a diagnosis of a developmental disability and the challenges in healthcare and the educational system are described in “The Right to a Full Life,” published by Authors Press.

Ms. Fickenscher’s story is a message of hope and an inspiring example of how to view things from a calm and positive perspective. She consistently cultivates important life skills for her children that lead to the development of greater self-sufficiency. Her story shows how a parent plays a significant role in a child’s life and can help develop the supports that help the child move into his/her own place in the community as an adult.

About the Author

Dorothy Fickenscher is a mother, teacher, and advocate for people with developmental disabilities. She was born at the end of World War II and has three siblings. She was the second child and the first girl in the family. After studying Liberal Arts and extensive postgraduate work, she became a teacher in life and profession. She builds connections through communities in promoting opportunities and supporting individuals with or without developmental disabilities. Even after retirement, she continues to live a full life, just like her children.

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