Clarification regarding fake websites

It has come to the notice of the Ministry of Education that in order to dupe innocent applicants several websites have been created with the name similar to the schemes (like,,  of this Department. 

These websites are offering employment opportunities to the aspiring candidates and misguiding the job aspirants through the layout of website, content and presentation in a manner similar to original website and asking for money from the respondents for the applications. While, these websites have come to the notice of the Department of School Education and Literacy, there may be more such other websites/social media accounts promising jobs and demanding money for recruitment process. 

 The General Public is, hereby, advised to avoid applying for job opportunities on such websites and to ensure themselves that the websites are authorised by visiting the official website of the concerned Department/personal inquiry/telephone call/e-mail to safeguard their own interest. Any person applying on these websites will be doing so at his own risk & cost and shall be responsible for the consequences thereof.



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Clarification of Culture Ministry in connection with artefacts of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

The  Ministry of Culture has clarified that the news appearing in media about the missing artefacts of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is completely untrue. The Ministry has said that an exhibition was inaugurated at Victoria Memorial in Kolkata on 23rd  January this year to commemorate 125th birth anniversary of Netaji Subas Chandra Bose where these artefacts were displayed. These artefacts  were loaned from Red Fort Museum by ASI to Victoria Memorial after following a proper procedure in which a formal MoU was signed between the two organisations . The MoU is valid for 6 months and further extendable by a year. These artefacts were sent to Kolkata with proper escort and insurance. The Ministry has further said that the loaning and borrowing of antiquities and  exhibits are a regular exercise between museums. In this case, both ASI and VMH are   under the administrative control of Ministry of Culture.



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Clarification Regarding Central Global Bhd’s MoU with China’s Huobi Mall for the Development of a Global Data Centre in Malaysia

Main Market-listed Central Global Berhad (“CGB”) wishes to clarify that the information published in several news journals in China regarding a strategic partnership/Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) between the Company and/or its subsidiary, CIC Construction Sdn Bhd and Huobi Mall to build a Global Data Base Collection Centre in Malaysia is inaccurate.

CGB executive chairman Dato’ Faisal Zelman

CGB’s Executive Chairman Dato’ Faisal Zelman said: “We are indeed in discussion with Huobi Mall on the possibility of collaborating on the construction of a proposed data base collection centre in Malaysia. However, we are still in the midst of evaluating the viability of the aforesaid project and have yet to sign a MoU or any other forms of agreement with Huobi Mall in this regard. We will make further announcements as and when there are any significant developments on this matter.”

Central Global Berhad is principally involved in manufacturing and construction. The company is a specialist in industrial tapes and label stock manufacturing as well as a one-stop solution provider for crepe-paper masking. Its construction division was established in 2009 and is mostly active in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.

Please contact the below for more information:
Fintan Ng
Tel: +60 12-233 6986

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Hong Kong – Clarification on implementation of inspection arrangements for Companies Register

Clarification on implementation of inspection arrangements for Companies Register


     In response to media enquiries on an online report alleging that the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (SFST) had provided “misleading” information regarding the implementation of inspection arrangements for Companies Register at the meeting of the Legislative Council (LegCo) Panel on Financial Affairs last Friday, a spokesman for the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau today (April 12) described the allegation as groundless and responded as follows:
     The SFST explained at the LegCo last week that the Companies Registry (CR), simulating the proposed new inspection arrangements, had conducted a stocktaking exercise on the Companies Register in April 2021 in regard to records of current individual directors of live companies holding Hong Kong Identity Card who may have identical full names (including Chinese and/or English) and partial numbers of the Hong Kong Identity Card (i.e. the alphabet and the first three numbers). Results showed that, amongst these some 588 000 current directors holding Hong Kong Identity Card, only eight pairs of them have identical Chinese and/or English full names, as well as the same alphabet and the first three numbers of the Hong Kong Identity Card, equivalent to a chance of 0.003%.
     Some media today quoted an online report with information obtained from the Companies Register that entails comparison of partial identity card numbers in a way which is not the pattern to be adopted under the new inspection arrangements (i.e., alphabet and first three numbers), but any three out of the six numbers instead of the first three. The results therefore are not directly comparable. Meanwhile, some persons as quoted with identical particulars are from dissolved companies which are no longer live on the register. The results of the aforementioned CR’s exercise could effectively demonstrate the level of reliability of the search services under the new inspection arrangements.
     In the meantime, taking into account comments from members of the LegCo Panel on Financial Affairs, we will look into the possibility of providing additional information for searchers to identify directors concerned in the rare circumstances of different directors having identical partial identification number (IDN) as well as Chinese and/or English full name, without compromising the principle of protecting the full IDN of directors for the protection of personal privacy.

Clarification on NIOS

This is with reference to the news report published in Times of India dated 03.03.2021 titled “NIOS to take Gita, Ramayan to Madrassas”. This news has distorted facts, has misrepresented truth and seems to be of malicious intent.

It is clarified herewith that NIOS accredits Madrassas under SPQEM (Special provision for quality education of Madrassas). Various subjects are offered to learners under this provision-without any hard line boundariesof fixed subject combinations unlike that in the formal education system. It is totally the discretion of the learner to opt for subject combination from the bouquet of the subjects provided by NIOS.

There are around 100 Madrassas with 50,000 students are accredited with NIOS. Further, there are plans to accredit around 500 more Madrassas with the NIOS in the recent future- totally on the basis of demand of Madrassas