Mohit Agarwal takes the helm as CEO of VoloFin Corp, a blockchain driven digital SME lender

Singapore headquartered Fintech platform VoloFin said that Mohit Agarwal will join the company as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. VoloFin is a Block Chain powered digital platform providing invoice financing and is amongst the first to leverage blockchain for MSME and SME lending.

The gap in SME lending is largely due to low-risk appetite, high acquisition & compliance cost of traditional lenders. VoloFin skillfully solves this gap while delivering exceptional value to all the stakeholders.

VoloFin’s proprietary technology allows SME’s get instant in-principle approval and price indications. A specially designed simple and minimalistic user interface allows a fully digital, easy, and quick onboarding journey for a comprehensive user experience, keeping the complete UI/UX design set on the cutting edge.

Prior to this, Mohit was CEO – JLT Independent and Managing Director at Marsh for over 13 years. He played a vital role in the growth story of Marsh for last several years and was instrumental in successful merger of JLT Independent with Marsh in India. Sanjay Kedia, CEO, Marsh India said, “Our association with Mohit was an excellent journey and we wish Mohit the very best in his journey forward.”

“With many SME clients seeking financial solutions and support, there has never been a more important time for technology driven lending. I am passionate about VoloFin’s purpose, strategy, and the part it will play to help clients, investors, employees, and communities leverage technology for good. I am very much looking forward to working with the team,” Mohit said.

“We are excited to have Mohit join VoloFin and are confident his leadership will take the platform to new heights. It’s a privilege to get back as a team again with a new purpose of serving SME’s globally, innovating and redefining technology led lending” said Anand Tiwari & Roshan Shah, Co-Founders, VoloFin.

Arvind Raichur on Entrepreneurs during the Pandemic

“Entrepreneurs need to maintain their focus during the pandemic and be willing to adapt and pivot strategies based on the changing environment. This will help keep their business growing during this difficult period. These are extremely trying times for everyone, but like with most difficult periods, they will not last, and the pivots that you do today can help prepare you for a brighter future tomorrow.” – Arvind Raichur, CEO, MrOwl

About Arvind

Arvind is the CEO and co-founder of MrOwl, a Social Cloud Storage™ platform that brings together the best of search, social, and the cloud all in one app. He was one of the early pioneers of internet “organization”. Prior to the web categorization we have grown to depend on today, he co-founded and AllLaw. com, online attorney and legal directories that built communities around legal information. At the time, information on attorneys was not disseminated in an organized way. He had a vision and created easy to-use directories that thrived for many years before they were sold to Internet Brands, Inc. in 2010.

Arvind has continued to redefine the way consumers use the internet with his latest company, MrOwl, where users can store, share and simultaneously search their cloud, computer files, and the internet all together because they all belong in one search box. Consumers build collections, called “branches,” with subtopics, links, documents and media. Users can upload gigabytes of data with a few clicks and have it automatically organized into a MrOwl “branch” that is shareable and searchable. Now you can save it once, and search it infinitely. It’s never been easier to connect and collaborate with endless communities and discover what others have shared.

Arvind attended the University of New Mexico where he graduated with a double B.A. in economics and political science and a Juris Doctorate. As the CEO of MrOwl, Arvind has been a frequent speaker on internet trends. In 2012, Arvind was honored as one of the Top Performing CEOs. With his commitment to superior service, and a workplace culture that puts people first, Arvind has become a recognized leader in driving his companies to become one of New Mexico’s Best Places to Work.