Capturing a Child’s Innocence through Storytelling

Storytelling is a beloved art within a close-knit family, and it plays an important role in developing the minds of children. A narrative can be as imaginative or as simple as the teller chooses, although it is typical for a story, to begin with, something as simple as a recount of a person’s regular activities or experiences. It is also a method of communicating sentiments and memories to another person, which is especially noticeable when a child recounts the narrative, as their imagination takes the story to a more distinct storyline.

“Grandma Hates Snakes” is a short story straight from the mind of Kaitlyn Collins and is written in such a distinct way so as to capture the creative trail of thinking common with children. The story is fairly short but the tone perfectly matches the innocence of a child retelling a story that unfolded before their eyes.

The book is a straightforward read for children, thanks to the employment of imaginative artistic portrayals of the events, allowing the readers to have a big smile as they look at the cute pictures that accompany the text.

Grandma Hates Snakes
Written by: Kaitlyn Collins
Paperback: $12.97

Physical reprints of this book are available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoToPublish, and several other retailers. Acquire a copy now as a gift to entertain children and leave a smile on their faces.

About the Book
Kaitlyn Collins is the eldest daughter in a family of seven younger siblings, a teacher, storyteller, and Sunday school teacher, and she loves how a child’s imagination can lead to creative ideas. Growing up in a large family in Iowa, She discovered that she enjoyed writing and storytelling after repeatedly telling stories to her siblings as a means to entertain them before bedtime.