SOM Talk Live Debuts On Cable Television in Over 33 Countries.

The SOM Talk Live show focuses on entertainment and business with some of today’s leading influencers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and musicians. The show also has a strong focus on the happenings in local communities and enriching the next generation with the importance of opportunities for continued education.

The first episode featured Atlanta natives Travis Porter, an American hip hop trio from Atlanta, Georgia. The group consists of stepbrothers Ali and Quez, and their friend Strap who they met in middle school. Upcoming episodes feature established music artists, celebrities, entertainers, and more! Now viewers can catch new episodes every Wednesday night at 10pm EST. Via Verizon Fios Channel 269, Optimum Channel 1100, & Digicel Channel 564 & 714.

Rueben Wood has been in the music and entertainment industry for 10 years starting out in 2010 as a journalist and hip hop enthusiast. Creating the SOM brand in 2011 became a focal point for the entrepreneur after a magazine idea, formerly known as Spaced Out Magazine, was published.

Rueben has also helped several businesses grow and reach new customers over the years from marketing and branding techniques. With no stopping in sight, the young entrepreneur has set his mind to creating one of the biggest platforms for media and content in the entertainment industry, and Rueben understands exactly what it takes to build strong marketing relations & partnerships in the digital space.

SOM Talk Live Reaches over 4.9 million listeners each week. With Syndication, SOM Talk Live is apart of the Pacifica Radio Network across the US on several Non-Commercial community based FM Stations.

SOM Talk Live’s target audience is a fast growing segment of the population known as Global Black, since its partnership with Noire TV. This addressable audience constitutes all geographically dispersed people of African descent and is anchored by the 43M+ people of African descent in the US. The Global Black population is synonymous with the African Diaspora and exists on every major continent.

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Radix Wire & Cable is pleased to announce the addition of the SRS-SUPER J Multiconductor Cable to the SUPER J product line. The SRS-SUPER J Cable is the line’s first multiple conductor power and control cable, leveraging the astounding benefits of SUPER J for countless new applications.

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“SUPER J is the next generation of silicone wire and cables,” says Radix Distribution Manager Peter Thurstone. “It’s the safest, strongest, and most cost-effective silicone wiring solution for high-temperature applications, and it’s making drastic improvements for our customers’ manufacturing processes. The addition of the SRS-SUPER J Cable will send shockwaves through the market.”

Radix has been the leader in high-temperature wire and cables since 1944 by specializing in designing and manufacturing products to meet the most challenging and severe environments. For silicone wire and cable with extreme durability and significant cost savings, remember to ask for SUPER J. To learn more about Radix Wire & Cable’s SUPER J plus other wire and cable options, visit or contact

About Radix Wire
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