PR 24×7 embark 9% growth story during COVID 19

~With 15+ new hiring, 7+ client addition and Zero lay-offs PR 24×7 became one of the PR agency to report growth during the ongoing pandemic~

October 2020; PR 24×7, India’s leading Regional PR agency survived the utmost challenging 2020 with the mantra of “Reimagining branding is the next Normal”.  Since the beginning the year 2020 has been full of mishaps and the novel COVID-19 virus, due to which nothing has fared for most business and has also impacted the economy drastically. Wherein, PR 24×7 in these times became one of the first Public Relations agencies to mark 9% profit from Q1 19-20 vis-à-vis Q1 20-21. PR 24×7 added 15+ new employees, 7+ new clients and managed zero lay-offs during this pandemic.

PR 24×7 is known for its 24×7 working culture across the PR industry and thus we are always available for guidance and consultation 24×7. Time bound delivery is our priority and focus and hence PR 24×7 is never off work. With this mentality and growth policy PR 24X7 has achieved the heights in the past 2 decades and is growing stronger as an agency by the day. During COVID-19 most business along the economy witnessed an unmatched downfall, clients reduced and delayed pay check and alongside multiple challenges however, where on one-hand PR 24×7 managed client retention on the other-hand added more employees for Business growth & development and client strategic planning & consultation.

Commenting on the agencies growth and success Mr. Atul Malikram, Founder, PR 24×7 said; “It has been a difficult year, but by god’s grace and the hard-work put in by our employees we have been able to achieve these heights. We have not only added employee and clients but we have had 100% client retention with no layoffs. We have built PR 24×7 over the past 21 years and our success stories are narrated by the capacity of clients we have serviced in the past or the once we are currently servicing. Our unmatched presence across the length and breadth of the country is a testimony of the hard-work that our employees put in 24×7.

With strategic planning and thoughtful steps PR 24×7 is making its way and creating a growth story for itself. In the endeavor to achieve the desired results the agency had also introduced additional services benefiting the clients through Media Monitoring, online media traction, coverage in and social media audit with basic PR mandates. Some of the key clients with successful coverage stories during lockdown include brands like: Adani Group, TAFE, Metro Cash & Carry, Glenmark Pharma, Neuberg Diagnostics, AMAZON India, &TV and Sony SAB and many more.