Burning Soul Press Announces Launch of New White-Label Agency: The Ember Project

 Burning Soul Press is proud to announce the launch of The Ember Project, a white-label agency for published works. Designed for businesses wanting to make an impact through thought leadership and storytelling, The Ember Project will help companies:

Elevate their brand

Magnify their content

Build an internal publishing team

Empower their clients and team

Reach their audience in new ways

The Ember Project offers services to help develop, design, and publish books and other works while building a branded publishing imprint. For companies in partnership, the Burning Soul Press agency will establish and set up their imprint and provide publishing services and support. Burning Soul Press will also develop and train the clients’ internal team in publishing, marketing and public relations so the imprint can operate independently. Further, companies working with The Ember Project will provide 100 ISBNs under their new imprint and 10 published books, guaranteed.

Burning Soul Press is now accepting partners and clients of The Ember Project – perfect for any organization seeking to publish books under their own brand in-house, with no middle-man. The Ember Project lends itself well to companies invested in thought leadership, making an impact, and leaving a lasting positive effect.

More information is available on the Burning Soul Press website: www.burningsoulpress.com/the-ember-project/

About Burning Soul Press

Burning Soul Press, LLC. turns inspiring life stories into impact-driven, book-led movements that transcend our earthly life through the fostering of positive, generational change in this world. Working only with current and future authors passionate about inspiring, empowering, and helping others lift their voices, Burning Soul Press provides guidance, book coaching, publishing services, motivation, marketing & PR support, and solutions for those seeking to make a positive impact. The Burning Soul Press team of industry professionals empowers authors to share their stories and understands the power our stories have to help others when shared. Learn more about us at www.burningsoulpress.com.

Burning Soul Press

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Burning Crusade Classic Game

The World of Warcraft TBC Classic is finally here, and we couldn’t be thrilled. For many players, their decade-long Warcraft journey began with this edition of the game. Outland was their first foray into high-end programming, and they’re ecstatic to be able to relive the thrill. For sure, we’re among the ecstatic! 

Few people will have the same amount of time as they had in the past to assemble parties and raids, do arenas all night, and spend weeks playing the game. As a result, we, at Armada Boost devised many wow tbc boost services to assist you in catching up to your realm’s try-harders!

The Dark Portal Pass

Outland had launched on June 1 where the players will have the option of purchasing the Dark Portal Pass. This will allow players to level up one character on a Burning Crusade Classic world (limit one per World of Warcraft account; not usable on blood elf or Draenei characters). The enhanced character will gain the following benefits:

  • Weapon skills up to level 58
  • A set of magic (green) grade gear at level 58
  • Race-specific mount
  • Apprentice Riding skill
  • Bout to certain flight paths
  • Start the journey with some amount of gold
  • Huge Brown Sack bags up to four (12 slots each)

Deluxe Edition of Dark Portal Pass

The Deluxe Edition is an extra purchase for intrepid adventurers wanting to boost their Burning Crusade Classic experience. This edition has everything from the Dark Portal Pass, including:

  • The Reawakened Phase-Hunter saddle, a monster that taps into the mystic forces that changed Draenor into Outland, is exclusive to Burning Crusade Classic and is styled to fit the official version expansion’s aesthetic.
  • A Dark Portal Hearthstone for Burning Crusade Classic that provides a unique special impact mirrored by the world’s portal.
  • 30 days of World of Warcraft gameplay, including WoW Classic, Burning Crusade Classic, and the current game.
  • The Dark Portal Pass, which boosts the level of one character to 58, is now purchasable. The same limitations apply as with the solo Dark Portal Pass; upgrading from the Dark Portal Pass to the Deluxe Edition does not result in a second increase.
  • The Viridian Phase-Hunter mount is a contemporary World of Warcraft variation that reflects the game’s current graphic design (with Shadowlands).

How Does Armada Boost Help You?

We’ll guide your character through the dungeon and assist you in obtaining more treasure. It’s fine if you don’t have a Heroic version key; we’ll activate the mode using ours. Keep in mind that TBC does not support cross-realm play, the cost of dungeon boosting may fluctuate between servers.