Princess Booker, Granddaughter of Cedella Marley Booker, Releases Her First Children’s Book, “Grandma What’s That?” Adding Diversity to Picture Books

 Princess Booker, Granddaughter of Cedella Marley Booker, releases her first children’s picture book, “Grandma What’s That?” in support of diversity by turning her siblings and herself into cartoon characters.

Recent release “Grandma What’s That?” from author Princess Booker is captivating the hearts of children everywhere. The book follows the adventures of the “Nine Mile Babies” as they explore the small village of Nine Mile with their Grandma.

“My son is absolutely obsessed with this book,” said Benita. “He has tons of books at home but your book is the only one he wants to read each night.”

Princess Booker and Nine Mile Babies Publishing are proud to announce the release of “Grandma What’s That?” on December 14, 2022. Booker follows in her grandmother’s footsteps of storytelling and uses her story to give children of colour an identity through the use of black characters, whom she calls the Nine Mile Babies. The Nine Mile Babies were inspired by her siblings, and she wanted to capture the fact that they all have their own beautiful, unique skin tone.

“My mission is to write books to promote love for one another by learning about different cultures,” said Princess Booker. “I want to give children of colour a chance to see themselves within the books they read and toys they play with. By showing appreciation for black skin, I hope to build confidence within our readers and help to eradicate colorism.”

“Grandma What’s That?” is a story of five siblings known as the “Nine Mile Babies” who live in Nine Mile Saint Ann, Jamaica with their Grandma. The Nine Mile Babies start to explore the village with their grandma, learning about the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Jamaica. From the colourful hummingbirds that flit through the air to the sweet mangos that grow on the trees, the book encourages children to ask questions about their environment as they learn the alphabet.

“Grandma What’s That?”: Nine Mile Babies is available on Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, Blackwells Books, Walmart, Amazon and many more retailers including the

“I didn’t grow up with many black books, especially toys, and I’m thrilled that Grandma What’s That? featuring the Nine Mile Babies has captured so many children’s hearts and that children have been able to relate to the characters,” said Princess Booker. “I hope that the book continues to teach children about Jamaica and that they gain confidence within themselves. All children should have access to books and toys that reflect the diversity of the world, pleasures I didn’t have when growing up.”

About Princess Booker
Princess Booker is a published children’s book author who writes relatable content out of experience and creativity. Apart from being an avid pen-woman, she is a female entrepreneur, the CEO of Nine Mile Clothing and Nine Mile Babies Toys, Creative Director, A&R Grammy Award nominee for Julian Marley’s album AS I AM, philanthropist, roles she plays flawlessly.

Book Details:
Publisher: Nine Mile Babies
ISBN: 9781739265502
Price £7.99 / $9.99
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 26
Dimensions: 215 x 215 mm

Nine Mile
Princess Booker
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