Traci Bliss Immortalizes the Memory of Santa Cruz’s Evergreen Cemetery

Your Online Publicist partakes in Traci Bliss courageous retelling of western historys unspoken greatness with her unique book, Evergreen Cemetery of Santa Cruz, summarized in the September 2022 Journal of the Wild West History Association.


Your Online Publicist is an online publishing company built with the intent to create lasting relationships between authors and their target audiences. Offering their clients services such as publicity campaigns, online advertising, book trailers, exhibits, and radio interviews, Your Online Publicist will stop at nothing to amplify an authors voice. They are now on another journey to do just that with Traci Bliss and her book, Evergreen Cemetery of Santa Cruz.

The pioneer cemetery called Evergreen is one of Californias designated places of historical interest. A gift from the cattle-ranching Imua family in 1858, the land was open for anyone to bury their dead, regardless of race, gender, or religion. As such, noteworthy and diverse individuals who were not acknowledged as such are buried in the public space.

Along with an extraordinary saga of restorationall accomplished by volunteersBliss tells of undaunted entrepreneurs, artists and women activists in the Victorian era. At its core, her book is a call for hope, unity, and commitment and an essential read for anyone involved in cemetery care and restoration.

Both educational and entertaining, Evergreen Cemetery of Santa Cruz goes straight to r the heart and soul of every reader. Slip into the pages of Traci Bliss take on this part of western history and enjoy the stunningly illustrated adventure. There is so much to love and learn from the people who made a lasting impact on the Central Coast of California through their commitment to art, music, theatre and courageous anti-racist action.

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Evergreen Cemetery of Santa Cruz
Author: Traci Bliss with Randall Brown
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: January 2022
Book Genre: Arts & Photography Architecture
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63892-244-5
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-63892-246-9

About the Author:
Traci Bliss is an emerita professor of education with a BA, MA and PhD from Stanford. She also holds an MPA from the LBJ School, University of Texas at Austin. Continuing the theme of historically significant public land in California, her most recent book is Big Basin Redwood ForestCalifornia! Oldest State Park.

Randall Brown, a Santa Cruz County Distinguished Historian, co-authored with Traci Bliss the best-selling Santa Cruzs Seabright. Brown, a graduate of Wesleyan University, serves as a featured history columnist for the San Lorenzo Valley Post. He is the author of The San Lorenzo Valley Water District: A History.