Dreams Being More Than Just Thoughts

North Carolina, USA – WEBWIRE

Dreams are always a fascinating subject because it is stated that dreams are stories and images that our minds generate while sleeping based on what we encountered while walking. So, when one encounters a dream, they often consider its meaning, and for some, a revelation occurs, and they endeavor to make the dream a reality.

Such is the case with author Waverly Knight and her book titled “My Dreams” wherein she speaks of her dreams using a poetic approach in conveying the feelings her dreams gave her. All while remaining true to her faith in the Lord and conveying the thoughts of family and love.

The overall composition of the book itself is a well-written poem as it paces itself slowly and is written with the simple intention of making it easier for the readers to understand the underlying meaning of each line.


My Dreams

Written by: Waverly Knight

Kindle: $2.99

Paperback: $33.97

Copies of this uplifting book are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoToPublish. Grab a copy now and be treated to poetry that not only soothes the heart but quells the mind of worries.


About the Author

The author is a poet who is also a retired teacher. She worked with students in North Carolina’s Camden and Pasquotank Counties. She is a Marian Anderson High School honor graduate from Camden, NC, where she began her career as a Teacher Assistant. Before returning to Camden, she attended Elizabeth City State University, where she earned an honorary B.S. in Intermediate Education.

She used her God-given gift to assist students and was able to work with many in the area of poetry as well as other subjects. Before her retirement, she used her summers and weekends to teach High School Students in her chosen field in The Upward Bound Program for many years on the campus of ECSU.