Meet the fun gang of friends from the sets of Baalveer Returns

As the common saying goes – ‘Some friendships are created at the most unexpected moments’, such is thiscase with the dynamic group of Baalveer Returns – Dev Joshi,Shoaib Ali, Anahita Bhooshan and VanshSayani, who are entertaining the viewers of Baalveer Returns with their power packed performance in the new season that brought the splendid underwater world of Shinkai to life.This young Baalveer Returns team continues to impress the audience with their unique portrayal of their characters. While on-screen, the dynamics between Shoaib Ali aka Ray and the rest is complex as he stands as anevil force in front of Ananya, Debu and Vivaan but off-screen the camaraderie between the co-stars is magical. Let’s hear it from the cast of Baalveer Returns.

Sharing the joy of working with his co-stars, Shoaib said,“It is really fun to be working with my co-stars as they are all closer to my age. The vibe and the energy on the set is fresh and exciting. Working on the sets is more like creating memories with your friends. Recently we even shot a college concert sequence and it reminded me of my college days. We rehearsed together, danced and had the most memorable week shooting for concert.I share a great bond with my co-stars especially Dev, Anahita and Vivaan. Although Dev and I have not shot a lot of sequences together, whenever we do, we always have the most interesting conversations. With Vivaan, it’s an entirely different vibe, he is full of energy and always up to something on the sets. At such a young age he is immensely hardworking and talented. I have shot several scenes with Anahita and she is the sweetest and understanding co-star. She is a natural.I feel fortunate to have had such an opportunity to work in a popular show like Baalveer Returns and at the same time, I got a chance to know such amazing artistes whom I am now call my friends. I look forward to the same masti and learnings in the future.”

Dev Joshi while sharing his experience, said,“As actors we spend most of our day on the sets and finding a friend in your co-star is rare. Earlier the Baalveer Returns set had more elders but with the new season, we are now a team of co-stars who are around the same age group. It is so much more fun and the level of understanding is much greater. I am really glad that Shoaib joined Baalveer Returns, while it has been just couple of months that I met him, we all have become a tight knit group. The energy on the set is way more than before. Whenever Anahita, Shoaib, Vansh and I have a sequence together, it is nothing short of a group of friends working on a project together. Vansh is like my younger brother. We laugh, have fun and support each other to give our best.”

Anahita Bhooshan, in complete awe of her co-stars, said, “Baalveer Returns is my first project on television and I am extremely fortunate to have found the best team to work with. While I was a little nervous in the beginning but after meeting Dev and Vansh, all my worries were gone. While Dev and Vansh are my really good friends, having Shoaib join the Baalveer Returns family has been a great experience. I didn’t know we all will get along so well and I am certain that Shoaib will now join Dev and Vanshwhenever they play any pranks on me. While I am learning each day, I am also creating memories with my besties.”

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