Did You Take Your Medicine?

 The Analysts, based in midtown Manhattan, are made up of dozens of US-based musicians, painters, and filmmakers. The collective is helmed by LeCarner, known for exciting NYC performances, art shows, and film screenings across the region.

The Analysts are poised to introduce a new sound, comfortably left of center from New York’s avant garde techno and house scenes. They are likened to artists such as: I Hate Models, The Chemical Brothers, The London Suede, and breakbeat artists like Machine Girl. The Analysts’ sound harks back to 1960s garage tape recordings, layered in with the modern quantization of drum machines and demolished analogue synthesizers, as well as vocals to match an unsure time.

Medicine (written by LeCarner, Omar Grey, and Jim Coleman) is the lead single debuting January 13. The track brings together destructive, stimulative lead guitar work, accompanied by clean, organized bass lines and dizzying electronic drum mixing. The song’s lyrical focus leans on the sarcasm and surrealism of its generation’s voices, similar to that of early Denis Johnson works like Jesus Son and The Modern Lovers, “You don’t need no Venison, I’ll just take your Medicine.” The Analysts inject meaning into the absurd, often seemingly out of place, or off putting in principle.

The Medicine video, shot on location deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, shows one of The Analysts stumbling through a snow-clad forest unsure of his place or direction. The video was shot by Colorado natives Oliver Pollock and Davis Long, the video was compiled by The Analysts.

“Medicine” will soon thrust The Analysts to the sprawling, poorly lit stage of NY’s thrilling nightlife scene.

The Analysts
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