An All-in-one Book Will Educate and Entertain Every Reader

The digital age introduced a change of pace for every sector. With almost every process digitized, we enjoy faster, better, and more accurate results whenever we search for information. But what people fail to realize is that this industry change also created more sources of income. We surely have heard about Facebook, Google, and The Golden Mile Magazine at But what if you can earn through these internet giants?
In the book Words Will Never Hurt Me: Business Insights, Business Negotiation, Personal, Creative, Dog & Betterment Journals, AC Grindl lets us in on some of the ways we can utilize digital resources to earn more.
AC Grindl opens an avenue for people to earn online through writing. He shares a lot of esoteric knowledge throughout the book, sharing insights that will help every reader make it in life. Grindl presented a peculiar representation of God, Jesus, and the universe. Its uniqueness in generational thinking makes it interesting, and it will surely provide a new perspective on how we see the world and the holidays. He incorporated his encounters with extraterrestrials and his adventures with a man whom we might be familiar with, but he calls, Ekelium. Grindl talks about the knowledge that had been shared with him by his bilingual dog. The book is indeed a perfect mix of a lot of things. It will inform, entertain, and provide insights that are not available anywhere else. It also brings a message that can provide a shift in how we see things.
Don’t miss out on this truly astounding, one-of-a-kind, and peculiar book. Enrich your thoughts and your mind. Grab a copy now!
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Title: Words Will Never Hurt Me: Business Insights, Business Negotiations, Personal, Creative, Dog & Betterment Journals
Author: AC Grindl
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: March 2021
Book Genre: Self-Help
About the Book

Words Will Never Hurt Me encourages people to put their thoughts on paper no matter how discriminating they could be to others. To have the outlet that is beyond themselves that relieves them of being trapped within their own mind alleviates one’s anguish almost immediately. By separating yourself from your search within and having something within the world that is around you, there is the ability to once again focus on the situation that surrounds you. Business and relationships that are seemingly out of control become a matter of happenstance on a sheet of paper that becomes a story in your life rather than an overwhelming criteria for uncontrolled mayhem. The identification with the circumstances of events in your life through writing them down and expressing yourself give you a tendency to be able to reflect and view things from apart, where you had once seen yourself as the center of attention. You can become to see the beauty in the transformation of information as it exits your mind and onto a medium that can be shared.

Dreamstime Introduces All-in-One Plan

Users can License Multiple Media with One Integrated Membership and a Black Friday discount


November 25. Dreamstime, the world’s largest community in stock photography, with a library of 150 Million files and 33 Million users to date, today announced it added a universal subscription, giving users access across all of its media through a seamless download-and-license process. The All-in-One is live as of November 1 and applies to any size and format, including stock photos (RAW, TIFF), illustrations, vectors, stock videos (HD, 4K), music and audio tracks.


After releasing several COVID-19 relief features for the creative community earlier this year, and launching its upgraded Upload section with faster and easier submission generating an immediate 17% increase in uploads last month, Dreamstime now adds an all-media subscription to fit its broader and more complex array of client needs. Ideal for members who wish to license more than stock photos regularly and to diversify their visual content library, the subscription significantly reduces the cost for high definition videos and tracks for volume downloaders. A unique offer in the industry, the solution upgrades separate purchases of image and video subscriptions or on-demand credit packages, suitable for occasional downloads.


“Simplicity and flexibility have always been our guiding principles when adding new features. Our millions of customers now have a convenient all-inclusive plan to license multiple media types in one single purchase. As we add more and diversified content, 2020 being an all-time record year for uploads, this unique-in-the-industry membership enables users to obtain the maximum value out of their Dreamstime accounts today and in the long run”, said Serban Enache, CEO and co-founder of Dreamstime.


The new plan is designed as a monthly subscription and allows customers to download up to twenty-five files each month, integrating Royalty-Free commercial and editorial license coverage for the entire database, with no daily quota limits as well as roll over and optional renewal. The agency will also keep its regular royalty structure, awarding 25-60% royalties to contributors, regardless of the media type sold with the new plan, plus the extra 10% relief stimulus in response to the pandemic.


In addition to the all-in-one plan, Dreamstime offers a wide range of flexible and personalized download options, including corporate accounts for companies. For all Dreamstime’s plans, with a special early bird Black Friday discount, please visit


About Dreamstime


Dreamstime is a distinguished leader in stock photography and one of the top 5 major suppliers of high-quality digital images globally. With over 150 million images online, Dreamstime has the most extensive customer base in the world (over 33 million users to date), a free photos gallery and more than 23 million unique visitors monthly to the site, making it the fastest-growing stock photo agency worldwide. Dreamstime’s database includes commercial, editorial and free stock media and is updated by the second with files from nearly 680,000 contributors.