Let Your Order Management Software Run Repeat Orders For You

London, United Kingdom: TEBillion, a leading business automation solutions provider, highlights the Auto-Renewal feature with its TEB Orders.

As TEBillion introduced its new and improved TEB Orders, it takes pride in an important feature which is its Auto-Renewal service. This feature is not just like any other Auto-Renewal service since the process is simplified and streamlined. The feature will automatically save and apply the setting for each renewal and will automatically schedule the billing period. Users will receive a pre-generated notice up to 30-60-90 days prior to the next billing period as configured by the user and can be confirmed in one click of a button.

TEB Orders’ Auto-Renewal feature is highlighted as this helps businesses mostly in the services industry in managing its processes efficiently. This supports the business’ financial planning and management as reports will be auto-generated to accurately inform managers when payments come through or need canceling. This also saves costs on manually sending the invoice at the start of every billing period and the pre-generated with prior notice helps customers prevent disruptions of services and engagement. Your customers will not miss out on products and services because they forgot to pay for it.

TEBillion prides itself on its dedication to providing cutting-edge and streamlined business automation solutions helping businesses worldwide achieve their goals. With TEBillion, intelligent automation is guaranteed to be efficiently leveraged.

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About TEBillion: TEBillion is a business automation software solutions company headquartered in the UK. Born in 2018, TEBillion aims to make high growth businesses successful with over a hundred handpicked partners serving customers, worldwide.

Next-generation SMPTE VC-6 video production codec standard published

• SMPTE VC-6 (ST-2117) is the new mezzanine codec to optimize and accelerate a wide variety of production workflows
• VC-6 provides vital advantages over technologies like Apple ProRes and DNxHD including multi-resolution and region-of-interest decoding
• Potential customers can register their interest in an Early Access Program for the forthcoming SDK and cloud implementation of VC-6

V-Nova, a leading provider of video compression solutions, has announced that after a comprehensive peer review process, the VC-6 video codec has now been fully ratified and published by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).

Published as SMPTE ST-2117, VC-6 is the first video codec to leverage AI as part of its innovative approach to compression, which is not based on transforms such as DCT or wavelet. VC-6 employs a hierarchical series of S-Trees and achieves its compression by reusing the same structures at different resolutions – a capability that makes the codec extremely fast when implemented in software.

The novel AI-powered hierarchical approach means that full-resolution full-quality proxies are intrinsically available as part of the format as is region of interest decoding. This reduces the demands placed upon data transfer and decode processing, while VC-6’s compatibility with all major industry container formats like MXF and QuickTime means it can be seamlessly incorporated into any workflow.

The codec’s efficiency means that it is ideally suited to 4K and 8K production. In particular, the emerging 8K format brings with it significant production challenges, which can be overcome with the new codec. VC-6 allows the user to capture in 8K from RAW and never have to cross-convert to other resolutions. Instead, VC-6 can provide proxies automatically and enable editing at multiple resolutions all from a single file.

Initial use cases for the technology show dramatic reductions in 8K processing by requiring a mere 12.5% of the full resolution to be demosaiced, up to 60% reduction of disc access for 4K files, and 2-4x faster decoding than existing ProRes-based solutions.

VC-6 is already shipping as part of V-Nova’s P.Link for contribution and remote production application, whilst the company is currently working on a multi-platform SDK and cloud service deployment of VC-6 expected to be made available via an Early Access Program later this year.

Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder of V-Nova, said, “With 4K and 8K production becoming the norm, the demand for intelligent and scalable video compression technology has never been more acute. Standardization by SMPTE confirms that VC-6 is the most innovative solution to these new production challenges. We look forward to introducing the capabilities of VC-6 to this important market.”

TEBillion Hosts Back To Work Webinars to Check In On Partners

London, United Kingdom: TEBillion announces that it is hosting webinars for its partner network to check in on how they are doing during the COVID19 pandemic and the back to work arrangements.

Several key issues are being tackled during the webinars, but the main purpose is to ask partners on how they are doing and dealing with the pandemic, as well as learn the parameters of the impact it has affected them. TEBillion also prioritised in these webinars, offering support in helping its partner network through strategic planning on reviving the businesses from the decline that was caused by the pandemic.

“We understand that the pandemic has affected everyone and every business in the world. We care for our partners and want to provide them all the support they need in order to get back to some sort of business normality over the next few months,” said Ashish Raina, CEO.

TEBillion also included during the webinars the introduction of the major and relevant features being added to TEB’s software suite and all of its connected apps. The webinar hosted by TEBillion will give its partner network a complete view of all the feature updates integrated into the system.

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About TEBillion: TEBillion is a business automation software solutions company headquartered in the UK. Born in 2018, TEBillion aims to make high growth businesses successful with over a hundred handpicked partners serving customers, worldwide.