Staying Ahead Of the Curve, Anat Fritz Introduces Her 5-D Art With A Pre-Basel Opening To Miami Art Week

As Miami Art Week makes its annual approach the first week of December, the New York art world is making its last-minute travel plans to converge on to Miami. With so many events planned every night, Miami braces for this artful invasion with early gallery openings featuring their newest talents before they get drowned out in all the noise.

Art N Folly Gallery is previewing their group show “Made in Dade” November 18 – 28, 2022, and showcasing one of their rising sculptural stars, artist Anat Fritz, a New York transplant, who recently landed into the rich Miami art scene.

Anat Fritz is recognized for her unique, multicolored, silk fabric sculptures dipped in resin and draped over welded steel. Her objects defy gravity and release an extra-dimensional wave to a chosen few. Anat smothers liquid resin and silk fabric, freezing it in time where the surface acts as a lens through several transparent forms and materials, giving off the magic of 5D.

“Did you ever ask yourself why we humans wake up into 3D reality every morning? I question that – It’s a deep programming that we signed up for. One day we will all default into 5D consciousness. I am holding this vision for us through my work. It’s an inevitable truth for me that evolution will ultimately teach us all how to reside in 5D awareness longer and ultimately switch fully into higher consciousness and become the creator that we are meant to be”. – Anat Fritz

At a young age, Anat Fritz was an independent thinker always in constant flight, so over time, she decided to “F**K Gravity” with her new art movement. Anat has invented a diverse mix of sculptures, all dedicated to releasing individuality and creating awareness for the 5D ascension.

Join us as we celebrate the work of Anat Fritz, wandering through the magical world of her Hard Silk sculptures. Her otherworldly shapes are known to give their admirers a peek into the looking glass of the 5D realm; that higher vibrational reality, which exists parallel to our very solid and material world of the 3rd Dimension.

We encounter a vast array of materials used in contemporary sculpture. The traditional materials – wood, marble, clay, or bronze, are still very frequently used. However, a new set of materials has found its way to sculpture, think of PVC, concrete, and foam, and implementing industrial processes, engineering, and new technologies like resin, resulting in new possibilities.

Anat’s sculptures are in conversation with art movements such as Kevin Beasley’s, Leiko Ikemura and Damien Hirst’s work, pushing the boundaries of Art. Anat Fritz is the new innovation, breaking into the rich Miami art scene.

Make sure to put this opening on your travel itinerary to meet the artists and experience her art for yourself at Art N Folly Gallery November 18th-28th located at 117 NE 1st Ave Miami FL 33132 for more information please go to and be sure to follow on Instagram @anatfritzdesign.


Stay Ahead in LNG Business with Infocus International

Infocus International Group has relaunched the best rated LNG Supply, Demand, Pricing & Trading online training and it will be commencing live on the 1st June 2022.
2021 has been a year of recovery for LNG demand as governments of importing countries have relaxed some of the restrictions imposed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and economic recovery has started. However, the growth in LNG supply has been curtailed by unscheduled maintenance at some of the world’s liquefaction plants and by shortfalls in feedgas supply at others. The result has been a tightening of the supply demand balance causing LNG and natural gas prices to surge reaching over $25/MMBtu in September 2021. It is a very different market to 2020, when demand fell because of the pandemic and supply increased as output built up from liquefaction trains commissioned in 2019 and the first half of 2020, which led to LNG and natural gas prices in Asia and Europe declining to $2/MMBtu in the middle of the year. At this level, prices were below the short-run marginal cost of US LNG exports and around 180 US cargoes were cancelled.

Energy transition has brought increased demands for the LNG business to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all parts of the LNG chain from natural gas production through to the combustion of regasified LNG in downstream markets. It raises questions over LNG’s role in the long-term energy supply. Will demand increase as natural gas replaces coal in power generation and is used as a back-up fuel for renewables or will natural gas be seen as a fossil fuel whose consumption has to be reduced if targets of net zero carbon emissions are to be met?

The online course will, over six sessions, provide an overview of the LNG business in 2022 with a commercial focus but technology and shipping will also be covered. It will consider the outlook for the business over the period to 2040 in terms of markets, sources of supply, pricing and trading and the response to energy transition. It is designed not only for newcomers to LNG but also those who want to refresh their knowledge or who have experience in one part of the business or one region and want to widen their knowledge.

Past attendee from the Ministry of Petroleum shared, “Good, interesting and useful for my work. Taking into account an LNG plant that is being built in my country.”

“Thank you for the fruitful training course which I really appreciated. Everything was excellent. Training materials were well prepared and up to date,” said the past attendee from Petroleum Institute of Thailand.

Check out the LNG online course new agenda at

Course Sessions:
– LNG value chain in 2022
– Safety, shipping and current status of the LNG business
– LNG markets and terminals
– LNG shipping and supply
– Acquiring LNG supply and LNG pricing
– LNG contracts and LNG spot and short-term trading

Benefits of Attending:
– Understand LNG chain technologies, costs, economics and safety
– Appreciate how the LNG business is changing and the implications for those working in the business
– Gain insights into LNG pricing and how it is evolving
– Acquire in-depth knowledge of world LNG markets and supply sources
– Assess the increasing role of spot and short-term trading

Want to learn more?

Simply email or call +65 6325 0210 to obtain your FREE COPY of the event brochure. For more information, please visit

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