Toyota: Adjustments to Domestic Production in June and July

We at Toyota would like to again apologize for the repeated adjustments to our production plans due to the parts shortage resulting from the spread of COVID-19, and for causing considerable inconvenience to our customers who have been waiting for the delivery of vehicles, suppliers, and other parties concerned.

We have decided to suspend operations at some of our domestic plants from June 17 (Friday) due to low attendance caused by a COVID-19 outbreak at one of our suppliers, and a shortage of parts supply caused by a production equipment defect at another supplier. The suspension plan this time is in addition to the recent announcement (Adjustments to domestic production in June).

As a result of those suspensions, the number of units affected will be approximately 40,000 and the global production plan for June is revised to be approximately 750,000 units from the original plan (approx. 800,000 units). The production forecast for the fiscal year remains unchanged (approx. 9.7 million).

The global production plan for July will be announced at a later date.

As it remains difficult to look ahead due to the shortage of semiconductors and the spread of COVID-19, there is a possibility that the production plan may be lower. However, we will examine the parts supply closely to minimize sudden decreases in production, and continue to make every effort possible to deliver as many vehicles to our customers at the earliest date.

For the suspension schedule of domestic operations in June and July, please visit the link:

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Hong Kong – Service adjustments of some franchised bus routes

Service adjustments of some franchised bus routes


     The Transport Department (TD) said today (March 2) that in view of the severity of the epidemic situation, increasing number of persons infected with COVID-19 or under isolation/quarantine, franchised bus companies are facing critical manpower shortage. Also, to cope with the further drop in patronage after the tightened social distancing measures implemented by the Government, Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited, New World First Bus Services Limited, Citybus Limited, Long Win Bus Company Limited and New Lantao Bus Company (1973) Limited applied to the TD for another round of service reductions (including suspension of some routes with alternative public transport services available, recreational routes operated during weekends and overnight routes) to maintain their operations and deploy their resources.


     The TD has examined the applications taking into account factors such as the absence situation of the bus captains of the franchised bus companies, extent of patronage drop of the routes concerned, occupancy, availability of alternative public transport services and efficient deployment of resources, and has further approved the five franchised bus companies to implement temporary service adjustments from March 4 to 16 inclusive, including suspension of 98 routes with alternative public transport services available, five recreational routes operated during weekends and one overnight route.


     The TD will continue to closely monitor the overall franchised bus services according to the actual circumstances and keep close communication with the bus companies to minimise the impact while coping with passenger demand. 


     In addition, the frequencies of individual bus routes mainly serving tourists, heading to land boundary control points and the airport have already been adjusted to limited service or have suspended the service due to the anti-epidemic measures on boundary control implemented earlier.

     For details of the service adjustments, please note the announcements on the websites of the bus companies: