Inspired by Actual Events, New Historical Adventure Novel Celebrates the Role of Women in the Battle for America’s Independence

 In 1778, war was men’s business. That didn’t stop countless brave women from getting involved in the fight for liberty. In Tracy Lawson’s thrilling historical adventure, “Answering Liberty’s Call: Anna Stone’s Daring Ride to Valley Forge,” we meet mother and wife Anna, who undertakes a death-defying 200-mile journey to save her husband and brothers from an uncertain fate at Valley Forge. Based on the tale of the author’s sixth great-grandmother’s journey to the army camp, which was passed down through the descendants of Anna’s eleven children, Lawson conducted extensive research to flesh out the novel with authentic genealogical and historical details.

We rarely see the American Revolution from a woman’s perspective. Anna Stone’s story is representative of the efforts of thousands of women who advanced the cause of liberty as couriers, saboteurs, spies, and relief workers. Anna leaves her children and the safety of home to enter the conflict zone alone, where she witnesses and confronts many of the problems Americans faced during the war. While racing to bring lifesaving supplies to her loved ones, she learns of a plot to overthrow General Washington. She agrees to carry a message of warning to the Commander, further adding to the suspense as she attempts to outrun one of his enemies, who is determined to steal the letter.

Available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook, the second edition of “Answering Liberty’s Call: Anna Stone’s Daring Ride to Valley Forge,” was released on March 29, 2022, and is distributed by Bublish, Inc. It is the first volume in Lawson’s Ladies of the Revolution series.

About the Author

Tracy Lawson conducted extensive genealogical and historical research before writing about her sixth great-grandmother’s ride to Valley Forge. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution chapter named in Anna’s honor.

A Cincinnati native, Tracy divides her time between homes in Ohio and Texas. She and her husband have one grown daughter and one very spoiled cat. Learn more about Tracy and her other books at

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Learn the ABCs with an Actual Animal Pictures and Fun Poems for Your Kids

Now, you are learning the alphabet with real animals to help you begin.

Young ones can now learn the ABCs while appreciating actual photographed animals around the world. From Alligator to Zebra, Alphabet Zoo offers fun-filled poems and delightful images that make learning the alphabet enjoyable, lively, and engaging. Indeed, kids will know more about the animal kingdom—their natural habitat, unique features, and characteristics. Also included in the book (a “lagniappe”) are nuggets of animal facts—did you know a Bison can run 40 miles an hour? Dolphin mothers also cuddle their young and many more! 

Get to see twenty-six animals represent the letters of the alphabet with an extra touch of educational fun. Each page is a blend of vivid photography and playful writing, as there’s a sense of rhythm and rhyme that makes these poems a pleasure to read aloud for kids. This delightful informational photo book has all parents ask for—colorful alphabet letters, fun facts, and bright, eye-catching images of amphibians, mammals, reptiles, and birds. Authors Pat and Martha bring the animal kingdom to life while little ones learn how to read and recognize every wildlife.

Alphabet Zoo is a perfect book for your toddlers and preschoolers, developing your child’s vocabulary and understanding of wild animals. In learning, visibility is the first fundamental step. Seeing real animals and their corresponding letters that are together made more learning happen simultaneously and perhaps immersive. Each page features a colorful letter and a corresponding animal with a short poem beside the image in this book. Parents can help their children excitingly learn the alphabet by seeing and reading while learning some unfamiliar zoology together.

What makes this brilliant book distinct, however, is that one hundred percent of the profit gained from the book sales will be donated to a foundation for the education of children. With a bit of love of books and our children’s learning, we also help other unfortunate children enjoy reading, learning, and understanding the world around them.

Pat Chapman and Martha Ellis also published several works on photography and poetry, such as They Laugh in My Language, Journey to the Seventh Continent, and Storybook LivesThe Alphabet Zoo is also available in Spanish to cater to its readers across the globe.

“Alphabet Zoo”

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Writers: Pat Chapman and Martha Ellis
Publisher: AEGA Design Publishing Ltd.

ISBN: 978-1-7398104-3-6 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-7398104-4-3 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-7398104-5-0 (E-book)

About the Authors

Pat Chapman and Martha Ellis are photographers and writers; however, their goal is to bring the planet to others in creative and life-changing ways. They continue their exploring with dreams of more insightful awakenings in their own future. An earlier book about their expedition to Antarctica is available under the title of “Journey to the Seventh Continent.”