Aatmnirbhar Yuva 2: A step to change the destiny of the youth and the country

Indore, September: Being self-reliant means having the ability to take control of your life, being motivated from within, and being able to take care of oneself. Put simply, it is relying on one’s efforts and abilities to achieve goals. With the rapid growth of unemployment in the country, the chances of having a secure and flourishing career are diminishing. To tackle this problem, people, especially the youth are looking for startup opportunities to achieve their goals and ambition. But, starting a business is not a piece of cake. Many times people have no idea what field to choose from or what business to start. Therefore, the country’s fast emerging online news platform troopel.com has launched ‘Aatmnirbhar Yuva 2’, a webinar series for the youth to counsel and guide them to the right path of starting a business.


In ‘Aatmnirbhar Yuva 2’s online webinar series, the viewers will get a chance to know the success story of few successful startup founders of the country. They will be discussing various questions like from where they get the idea of a startup, their motivation, how they rose funding for their ideas, what hardships or challenges they faced, etc. The live telecast of the ‘Aatmnirbhar Yuva 2′ webinar series can be seen on the social media page of troopel.com at 4 pm.


Talking about ‘Aatmnirbhar Yuva 2, Mr. Atul Malikram, the founder of troopel.com says that, “Our objective behind this initiative is to make the Indian youth recognize their intelligence and abilities. Instead of depending on others for employment, we want them to create their employment opportunities. With this guidance program, we aim to show the right path to these younger generations. In this program, we are bringing those startup ideas to the front that has managed to change the lives of several individuals. These innovative and out of the box ideas have served to strengthen the foundation of self-reliant India at both the local and national levels.”


Apart from being a news provider, troopel.com has made a distinct identity for its unique content creation. Significantly, the first season of Aatmnirbhar Yuva received wide appreciation, and therefore, on the demand of the viewers, the second season, Aatmnirbhar Yuva 2 is starting from 06 October at 4 pm.