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4 Concepts to Keep in Mind for Healthcare Clinic Interior Design

If you are looking for some ideas about redesigning your healthcare clinic, then the first thing is to hire a professional designer. Healthcare clinic interior design is more important because you have to create a comfortable space for your patients.

Patients visiting your office must feel comfy and relaxed in your clinic. You should design a waiting room in a way that helps your patients to feel comfortable while waiting for their turn. The colour and design have a direct effect on the mood of the people. Use custom designs and light colour to lighten up the mood, and you can also use pictures of healthy and happy people to keep the clinic’s environment positive.

4 Concepts for Interior Design of Healthcare Clinic

These four concepts help you to make your simple office into a creative one.

Focus on the Adaptable Spaces

Focus on the places you will able to customize the room setting. You can keep in mind the requirement of the patient and adjust the furniture and other settings accordingly. For example, if you are designing a dental office, you know that this place won’t need a large waiting room, and you can quickly implement your ideas in dental office design. You can create a family waiting space sitting from the people who are waiting alone for privacy.

Focus on the Color

Another important thing you have to keep in mind is to focus on the colour of the wall, furniture, and other decoration. Always select the colour according to your requirement. Set a proper theme while designing your office, and then set the colour according to that. You can’t use a bright colour in waiting areas, and light colour is preferred so that patients will feel comfortable. The proper colour scheme can make your simple designing look elegant and beautiful.

Focus on Custom or Biophilic Designs

You can use different designing techniques or decorating your office walls and windows. The most popular is to use custom designs. For example, you have a dental clinic you can customize by painting the teeth or dental equipment in your office walls. Biophilic designs mean bringing the outside indoors. Using a natural theme or painting of nature will make your patients relaxed and comfortable. The other way is you can design windows so that light can enter in the day time in the waiting room. This technique will give a more classic look to your healthcare office.

Focus on the Furniture and Blinds

The important step in designing is to select the perfect furniture for your office. Choose the furniture that matches the theme of your office and is comfortable. You can easily get furniture from the market at an affordable price. There is no need to buy expensive furniture. Choose the comfy chair in which you feel comfortable while working. Similarly, use the table with maximum storage space to keep your things. You can also buy matching blinds with your furniture to give a classic look to your office.





Childhood Care And Early Education

Early childhood is the time of child brain development. At this time parents have to give focus on child care and early education because at this time child develop their minds and acquire learning and reading skills. These skills help in deciding the great future of children. So parents have to give due care to child development and early childhood education.

Early childhood education is the most important time for children for brain development. Childhood care and education are important and parents should focus on their child’s education and their brain development for their future success.

The intelligence power and thinking skills of children developed in early childhood. So early childhood education is good for child development because this education will lead to child’s to acquire values, beliefs, and manners. They also help in gaining leadership skills, great qualities that will make your child unique from others and gain great advantage on others that will, in turn, help your child to get a successful career.

So early childhood education is important and it must be done by parents to help their child to acquire great skills that will help them to set their careers and a better future.

It is a parent’s duty to make their child competitive and smart for having a better career or future. Parents should pay more focus on child care and early education so they are able to develop their mind and brain well so they are able to live a great life in their future. At the time of childhood child’s doesn’t have that much mind and sense they just grab all thing that going around them and learns all those things that elders and parents tell them.

So parents must prepare their child well in their childhood by early education so they are able to acquire a skill that will lead them on the right career path.

Most parents recognize that music and movement lessons can have a positive influence on their children, but they underestimate the abilities of younger children. Some don’t know that there are early childhood music programs designed just for babies and toddlers, while others assume that their young children can’t understand music, much less create music on their own. These parents are very wrong, as young children explore and learn from music every day.

This makes many parents wonder at what age their children should start with music and movement lessons. The answer is simple: ASAP!

Newborn babies can begin to explore music and movement in their own homes with the company of their parents. Parents can hold the babies in their arms and dance with them, and spend time singing for them. Parents can also introduce physical movements by moving their babies’ legs and arms while singing to them. This can become an excellent bonding time for parents and read this guide.

Once the baby can lift her head and begin to roll over and play with her own fingers and toes, parents can take her music and movement lessons to the next level. They can allow babies to dance alone by holding their arms with their feet on the floor. They can also encourage babies to start singing simple songs, with the understanding that they will not speak all the words correctly. What is important is the development of language and the enjoyment of music and movement.

At the age of three or four, babies are ready for early childhood music programs, with their parents as active participants. These programs are generally designed for children under the age of eight or nine and will expose children to a variety of musical instruments, as well as theories about dance and movement.

Giving Back in Honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month

1888 Press Release – Massachusetts neuropsychologist and brain injury survivor supports BIAA’s (Brain Injury Association of America) mission to raise awareness of a misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and underfunded neurological disease.

Three decades ago when Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D. (Dr. Diane®) sustained a brain injury she found herself alone to navigate life in its aftermath. Doctors had given up hope that she would walk and talk again. She wasn’t offered any type of support or rehabilitation. Dr. Diane did manage to regain her life through the methods discussed in the book she co-authored, Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brian Injury. Brain injury awareness and treatment options have come a long way since then, but there is still much work to do.

“I deeply appreciate and recognize the important work BIAA does to raise awareness of brain injury and to improve quality of life for all people affected by brain injury,” said Dr. Diane, a greater Boston area neuropsychologist, board-certified health psychologist, board-certified sports psychologist, and author. “BIAA is a valuable resource and advocate for survivors and their families.”

Every March, the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) leads the nation in recognizing Brain Injury Awareness Month, a time to acknowledge and support the millions of Americans impacted by brain injury.

To celebrate Brain Injury Awareness Month, Dr. Diane will donate a portion of the proceeds from any product purchased from during the month of March to BIAA to help support their mission. This includes autographed copies of the book, Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. In addition, Dr. Diane is offering a $100 discount on brain health consults scheduled during the month of March. To schedule or learn more about brain health consults with Dr. Diane, visit or call 800-500-9971.

Every nine seconds, someone in the United States sustains a brain injury. There are many causes of brain injury including falls, sports-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, domestic violence, stroke, infectious disease, electric shock, and substance abuse/overdose.

“For the more than 5 million people in the United States living with a brain injury-related disability, I want you to know there is help and there is hope,” said Dr. Diane.

The BIAA 2021-2023 awareness campaign, More Than My Brain Injury, provides a platform for educating the public about the incidence of brain injury. It aims to de-stigmatize the injury, highlight the diversity of the brain injury community, and empower those who have survived. Information on Brain Injury Awareness Month, including educational material and downloadable collateral, is available at

About Dr.Diane®:
Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D. (Dr.Diane®) is a world-known neuropsychologist specializing in brain rehabilitation and brain fitness. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Diane is an author, consultant, and international speaker. Dr. Diane is also a brain injury survivor. Drawing from her personal experience and professional expertise, Dr. Diane dedicates her clinical practice, writings, and personal appearances to helping others regain their lives. Her latest book, Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, is the first comprehensive guide to overcoming the challenges associated with brain injury.

Dr. Diane® has appeared in the American Psychological Association (APA) Monitor, The Boston Globe, and WebMD, and has a blog on She was also a guest on Tech Talk with Craig Peterson, offering expertise on the topics of Brain Rehabilitation and Brain Fitness.

If you would like more information, please call (978) 352-6349 or email info (at)

About the Brain Injury Association of America:
The Brain Injury Association of America is the country’s oldest and largest nationwide brain injury advocacy organization. Their mission is to advance awareness, research, treatment, and education and to improve the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury. They are dedicated to increasing access to quality health care and raising awareness and understanding of brain injury.

Vahan places 5000 blue-collar workers per month through WhatsApp

Vahan, an AI-enabled livelihood platform, today announced that it has reached a significant milestone of providing employment opportunities to over 1 lakh blue-collared professionals through its WhatsApp API enabled chatbot called Mitra. With an increase of 400% since 2020, these workers have been placed in several blue/grey-collared jobs in sectors such as logistics, delivery, and BPOs. 

Vahan currently has 5 million users on its platform and is adding 2.5 lakh people every month. Given the simplicity and ease of use of the WhatsApp API, the digital startup is placing 5000 people every month and is growing at the rate of 25% per month. Mitra is emerging as India’s employment exchange 2.0 for over 300 million blue-collar workers in the country. 

To apply, job seekers need to simply text “Hi” to Vahan’s WhatsApp-enabled chatbot ‘Mitra’, answer a few questions, and expect to be placed in a job within 3 days. Being available on WhatsApp has helped the company reduce the barrier to entry while maximizing user adoption and engagement. 

Talking about the benefits of Vahan, Asha, a job seeker, said, “My husband and I both lost our jobs during the pandemic and were struggling to make ends meet. This is when someone advised me to reach out to ‘Mitra’ who found me a job in just one day. ‘Mitra’ is a godsend for people like us who struggle to find jobs matching their skills and often get harassed by middlemen. It is unbelievable that I can find jobs on WhatsApp itself!” 

According to Madhav Krishna, Founder and CEO, Vahan, “The blue-collar segment is an underserved market in India despite constituting the bulk of the workforce. Our partnership with WhatsApp allows us to seamlessly connect employers and job seekers thereby facilitating better livelihoods and financial inclusion especially for underprivileged households.” 

Vahan is leveraging the power of WhatsApp, AI and machine learning to bring a great value proposition to both recruiters and job seekers in this underserved blue-collar market. “We are set to become the country’s largest blue-collar recruiter in the next 18 months”, Madhav Krishna further added. 

“Vahan has grown into a key contributor and driver of growth in the gig workforce. We are excited that WhatsApp continues to bring value to such innovative models of growth and helps accelerate financial and digital inclusion among blue-collar workforce in India,” added Abhijit Bose, Head of WhatsApp, India.

Specializing in high volume recruitment of delivery personnel for companies in the e-commerce and food delivery space, Vahan played an essential role in securing jobs for unemployed executives during the pandemic with more than 20,000 people relying on Vahan to look for a job on WhatsApp every day. 

About Vahan 

Vahan is leveraging the power of Machine Learning to not only help blue-collar workers find jobs that match their skills but is also helping employers find the right resource/candidate at the right price, at the right place, and at the right moment. The digital start-up uses matching tools effectively to find the right fit for client organizations thereby reducing the hiring cost by as much as 30% besides saving blue-collar workers from exploitation at the hands of middlemen. 

Vahan is working with clients across sectors including Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Logistics, Warehousing, and BFSI. Some of its clients include Shadowfax, Amazon, Zomato, and Swiggy. Currently, it has over 5 million users from over 1200 cities on its product and has already placed 100,000 people across India. Backed by Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Airtel and many former and current Google and Flipkart executives, the company is well poised to become India’s largest placement firm in India in the near future

CoinSmart Closes CAD$4.5 Million Seed Funding; Plans to Expand into Europe

Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinSmart has announced the closing of a CAD$4.5 million (roughly US$3.5 million) seed funding round and extensive plans to expand into Europe.

CoinSmart, owned by Simply Digital Technologies, told CoinDesk in a statement Monday the investment was raised earlier this year through the issuance of interest-bearing convertible debentures, a type of debt instrument. Investors in the round were not disclosed.

The funding will be used to expand CoinSmart’s platform into European markets and support operational changes. It will also help Simply Digital Technologies prepare for a planned reverse takeover ahead of a hoped-for public listing on the TSX Venture Exchange, said the firm.

Enabling its European expansion, CoinSmart said it has obtained a Financial Intelligence Unit license issued in Estonia. “CoinSmart’s fundamental mission is to make cryptocurrency accessible for people of all experience levels,” said CoinSmart CEO Justin Hartzman. “We’re excited about the ways in which crypto can help streamline payments within Europe’s financial system and subsequently better serve and protect our customers.”