A fashion and lifestyle brand since its inception, Vajor recently ventured into another vertical of ‘Experiences’. Evolved over the years, the brand has today become a lifestyle and become an integral part of people’s lives to provide them with a holistic experience. This vertical promises “ Enriching, bespoke experiences for a tribe of conscious, sustainable and balanced souls.” ne will find three kinds of Experiences – Escapes, Artistry & Conscious Living. Escapes encapsulates mindfully curated eco-conscious getaways intended for people to break from their monotony and leave them with a novel experience. Artistry lets you learn a new form of art experience hands-on from artisans who are rooted to their being and art forms. Conscious Living gives you the opportunity to give back to nature and make your contributions towards healing the planet. Once an individual signs up for a Vajor experience, they get a chance to mingle with like-minded modern bohemians and build a lifestyle where mind, body and spirit exist in harmony.

Our first experience essentially falling into ‘Conscious Living’ was a success by all means. The tribe constituted of people from all ages who were already one step ahead in commencing their zero waste lifestyle. This was in line with our celebration for Earth Day where the workshop was spearheaded by the team of ‘SKRAP’ (a mumbai based firm that takes up projects of waste management and reduction for sustainable & responsible living). This ‘Zero Waste’ workshop learnt ways of daily waste segregation, mindful conscious living that helps contribute towards the healing of the planet.

Our most recent experience falling under the ‘Artistry’ segment, was an experience people were looking forward to since days. A ‘Sold out’ event attended by people ranging from all different backgrounds, the experience was lined up deciphering ‘Coffee’ by Bharat, the founder of Billi Hu Coffee, smoothly gliding into a satisfying art workshop of calligraphy and its evolution into a therapeutic medium of expression, by award winning artist, Lalit Mourya.