Utah-based large face watch designer and retailer unites with celebrities and golf enthusiasts at the fifth stop on the 2024 Legends Celebrity Golf Tour, showing support for veterans and their families.

Rockwell Time, an iconic American watch company, has proudly designed watches in the United States since its founding in 2007. While many know them for their stylish large-face watches, Rockwell strives to provide customers with high-quality timepieces that blend form and functionality, which has led them to be a popular choice among both fashion-forward pop icons, action sports enthusiasts, and US military members. Keenly aware of the unique freedoms enjoyed because of the selfless service of military members, Rockwell seeks opportunities to show their gratitude. On July 14-16, 2024, members of the Rockwell team will join celebrities and golfing enthusiasts in Park City, UT, for the fifth stop on the Legends Celebrity Golf Tour benefiting military servicemen and women as well as first responders.

Founder of Rockwell Time Rich Eggett knew he wanted to do things differently when he founded his company. Rather than playing it safe and competing in the same space as many other watchmakers, Eggett found his niche in selling watches that are not only fashionable but also compatible with outdoor adventures, extreme sports, and demanding careers. Rockwell’s big face watches have made their mark on the watch industry with their eye-catching designs, innovative movement, and extensive two-year warranty.

“From the beginning, I knew that I wanted Rockwell to stand out from other watch companies,” remarked Eggett. “So, rather than doing what everyone else was doing, I set out to create watches that were different and could offer customers a new experience — something that would be a trusted companion for people like our military members who need a reliable timepiece they don’t have to worry about breaking or damaging in the field. I think Rockwell has been very successful at that.”

The Legends Celebrity Golf Tour in Park City will benefit the Heart of a Lion Foundation. This foundation is the result of the combined efforts of two men: two-time Major PGA Tour Champion John Daly and Combat-Wounded Veteran Major Ed Pulido. It raises funds to support first responders, military members, and their families through a variety of organizations nationwide.

“The freedoms that we all enjoy as Americans are truly tremendous,” stated Eggett. “Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to overlook the cost of those freedoms. Although our focus is building high-end watches, we feel it is our duty to recognize the sacrifices that have been made and make sure those impacted are cared for. We are grateful to those who are organizing this amazing event and look forward to attending and showing our support.”

To learn more about how Rockwell Time supports military members through its Hero Mission program or to browse its line of large-face watches, call 801-298-3016 or visit www.RockwellTime.com.

About Rockwell Time

Rockwell Time is a renowned action sports brand specializing in the design and production of unique, chic, high-quality watches. Available both offline and online at their official store, their products reflect the brand’s unique blend of style, spirit, and adventure.