Electrical and Mechanical Services Department very concerned about CLP’s voltage dip incident at 400kV overhead power supply system suspected to be caused by unstable weather


     The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) is very concerned about the voltage dip incident occurred at CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP)’s 400kV overhead line power supply system connecting Yuen Long and Shenzhen in the early morning today (June 23). 

     According to CLP, it was suspected that this voltage dip incident occurred during Thunderstorm Warning, under which the 400kV overhead power supply system was affected by the unstable weather. EMSD followed up with CLP immediately. In addition to requesting CLP to identify the cause of the power supply incident as soon as possible, formulate improvement plans and submit a detailed report within four weeks in accordance with the Electricity Ordinance (Cap. 406), EMSD will also form a task force to solemnly follow up on the improvement plans proposed by CLP today. Apart from ensuring the implementation of improvement measures by CLP, the task force will also review whether CLP’s timetable for implementation of measures can be accelerated, and if there are any additional measures which can assist to enhance the capability of power supply system to withstand the impact of inclement weather. 

     Besides, the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services will meet CLP’s senior management on a regular basis to review the progress and effectiveness of all improvement measures, and report to the Secretary for Environment and Ecology.