A Utah company specializing in durable accessories releases an updated version of their Phenom goggles to outdoor enthusiasts leading into the summer season.

Rockwell Time has long had a deep running connection with outdoor motorsports. Their durable watches, goggles, and other outdoor accessories are designed to withstand the bumps and knocks of a rugged lifestyle. With the help of elite athletes, their goggles also strive to be the most sport-friendly, offering the features most needed while on the trails. Rockwell’s Phenom 2.0 is an updated version of their popular Phenom goggles, which allow wearers a more expansive view of the terrain, keeping them safe and comfortable.

Founded in 2007, Rockwell Time marches to the beat of a different drum. Their tagline, “Live Unrivaled,” embodies the lifestyle their customers lead, and they enable it by designing durable sports watches for men and women. While durability is a must for Rockwell products, function and style are also at the forefront of every Rockwell product, including their ski and MX goggles collection. Improving the materials and features of products like their Phenom goggles helps them better align with the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and elite athletes alike.

“Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Rockwell,” stated Founder Rich Eggett. “While many people notice the bold design of our goggles and the large faces of our watches, that is not their most unique feature. What makes a Rockwell product great are the features you don’t notice — the materials and mechanisms that make them work the way a Rockwell product does. That’s what makes them so amazing to use and hold up to even the harshest conditions.”

Like the big-face watches Rockwell is known for, the Rockwell Phenom 2.0 goggles are distinctly different from others on the market. They are designed and built to meet the unique needs of motocross riders and other outdoor driving enthusiasts. Notable features include:

  • Low profile
  • Lightweight Comfra-fit™ polyurethane frame
  • Moisture-wicking, ergonomic face foam
  • 5x RAFT anti-fog technology
  • HD Optix Dutch category 2 lens
  • Enhanced range of visibility

“In Utah and other parts of the country, there are great places to explore off-road as we head into the spring and summer seasons,” remarked Eggett. “Whether preparing for their next big race or planning a weekend getaway to Swing Arm City with friends or out to the sand dunes with the family, Phenom 2.0 goggles are a great eye protection option that allows riders to see more of their surroundings, all while being comfortable to wear.”

To find out more about the unique features of Rockwell Time’s Phenom 2.0 goggles or to explore their collection of timepieces, call 801-298-3016 or visit www.RockwellTime.com.

About Rockwell Time

Rockwell Time is a renowned action sports brand specializing in the design and production of unique, chic, high-quality watches. Available both offline and online at their official store, their products reflect the brand’s unique blend of style, spirit, and adventure.