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About Lawrence P. Cogswell III, Ph.D.

Larry has over 17 years of experience advising clients, including multinational companies, startups, academic institutions, and public and private companies, on diverse legal needs, including intellectual property litigation, diligence, licensing, agreements, and patent prosecution.

Elected a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation and a Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America, he provides clients with strategic legal guidance in support of business goals, including by interfacing with C-Suite executives and serving as external General Counsel.

Larry is a former judicial clerk to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and a Yale Law School graduate. He is also a former Ph.D. scientist with a diverse technical and scientific background, earning degrees in chemistry and biophysics from Harvard University.

About Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds, P.C.

Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds, a full-service intellectual property law firm, offers solutions to your intellectual property challenges.

Our clients appreciate a high quality of work in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves on providing expert services with a strategic approach to advance our clients business goals.

Our expertise in the full spectrum of Intellectual Property services, including patents, design patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, agreements, counseling and IP disputes, along with the scientific and technical knowledge of our staff allows us to deliver exceptional service while solving complex legal issues.

Event Summary

Developing a patent portfolio that can provide real value presents a mix of legal, technical, financial, and strategic challenges. This course is essential for corporations, legal professionals, and innovators looking to leverage the value of their intellectual property rights. We will also discuss how litigation funding can be used to avoid the financial risk of patent litigation and licensing.

Our speakers will break down crucial strategies and tactics for analyzing patents for effective licensing and litigation and how to develop an enforcement campaign that will be attractive to a litigation funder. Gain perspective and knowledge to help navigate this complex landscape successfully.

Key issues that will be covered in this course are:

How to identify patents that are valuable for licensing and enforcement
What are the biggest risks to patent validity
What can you do to protect your patents from validity challenges
How do you determine the real value of your patents
What strategic issues should you consider before filing a lawsuit
What are the typical costs of a patent litigation campaign
What will a litigation funder pay and what types of cases are attractive to litigation funders

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The Knowledge Group strives to be the best-in-class provider of continuing education by bringing forth relevant content you cant get anywhere else.

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