mPokket, India’s fastest-growing loan app, today announces the appointment of Ms. Rajani Jalan as its new Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and People Relations (PR). In her new role, Ms. Jalan will lead mPokket’s efforts in developing robust CSR strategies, enhancing public awareness of the company’s social commitments, and steering the brand’s narrative across various platforms.

Ms. Jalan’s passion for CSR is deeply rooted in her belief in the power of businesses to make a meaningful impact on society. At mPokket, she is inspired by the company’s existing CSR initiatives and the welfare of its employees. Her vision includes ramping up employee participation in social responsibility efforts and launching more sustainable CSR initiatives within the organization. Her approach aligns with mPokket’s commitment to contributing positively to the community and fostering an ethical, socially responsible corporate culture.

Gaurav Jalan, Founder and CEO of mPokket, commented, “Rajani’s passion for enacting positive change aligns perfectly with our values, and we are confident that her leadership will further amplify our efforts in social responsibility. With her unique blend of creativity and dedication, we look forward to achieving greater impact and fostering a more inclusive and sustainable approach to corporate social engagement. We are confident that her leadership will not only enhance our CSR and PR endeavours but also inspire our team to contribute to our collective goals as an organisation.”

With a unique blend of creativity and social consciousness, Ms. Jalan brings to mPokket an impressive background as a Textile Designer from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Before joining mPokket, she carved a niche for herself as an independent designer, contributing to export houses and managing a successful cloud kitchen business. Her freelance projects have not only showcased her design prowess but also her dedication to social causes, making humanitarian work a core part of her professional journey.

Speaking on her appointment, Ms. Jalan commented, “The vision and mission of mPokket resonate profoundly with my inherent drive to effect positive change through corporate social responsibility endeavours. I look forward to leveraging my unique background and experiences to implement strategies that will not only amplify our impact but also foster a more inclusive and sustainable approach to corporate social engagement, while cultivating a strong culture of philanthropy within the organisation.”

Ms. Jalan’s appointment underscores mPokket’s ongoing dedication to social responsibility and ethical practices. Under her guidance, the company aims to strengthen its position as a leader in CSR within the financial sector, fostering community well-being and promoting sustainable business practices. Additionally, her role as Director of People Relations marks a strategic transition in mPokket’s organizational strategy, aimed at enhancing internal stakeholder engagement and fostering employee engagement, and ensuring the well-being of the organisational workforce.