Princess Margaret Hospital announces incident of nurse suspected to be indecently assaulted


The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:
     The spokesman for Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) made the following statement today (February 11) regarding an incident of a nurse suspected to be indecently assaulted:

     A nurse was suspected to be indecently assaulted while performing triage assessment for a 62-year-old male patient in cubicle of Accident and Emergency Department around 3am today. Upon receiving report from the nurse, the hospital had reported to the Police immediately. A man was subsequently arrested by the Police in the ward.

     The hospital is highly concerned about the incident and expressed sympathy to the nurse concerned. The hospital has provided support to the nurse. The hospital resolutely adopts a zero-tolerance attitude to this incident, strongly condemns the indecent acts, and will follow up seriously and fully co-operate with the Police investigation.

     The hospital has reported the incident to the Hospital Authority Head Office via the Advance Incident Reporting System.