Julina Ogilvie will launch her first book, “Money Confident Girls: A Parent’s Roadmap to Raising Financially Confident Children (From Toddlers to Teens)” (Publish Your Purpose, 2024, ISBN 979-8-88797-081-3, 979-8-88797-082-0).

Julina Ogilvie, renowned wealth advisor and financial educator, introduces her first book, “Money Confident Girls: A Parent’s Roadmap to Raising Financially Confident Children (From Toddlers to Teens).” This insightful work provides parents with the tools and strategies necessary to instill vital financial principles in young girls.

“Money Confident Girls” explores the foundational aspects of financial management – earning, spending, saving, and investing – tailored to the developmental stages of children. Ogilvie emphasizes the importance of early financial education, addressing how childhood beliefs and habits around money shape future financial decisions.

“Financial literacy is crucial, especially for young girls who will face unique financial challenges in adulthood,” says Ogilvie. “This book is about empowering the next generation with the confidence and knowledge to make wise financial choices.”

Drawing from her extensive professional experience and personal journey as a mother, Ogilvie combines relatable anecdotes, expert advice, and practical steps. The book covers various topics, from allowances and first jobs to budgeting and investing, equipping parents to guide their daughters towards financial savvy and independence.

Ogilvie’s work is especially pertinent considering the gender-specific financial challenges women face, such as wage gaps and career interruptions. “Money Confident Girls” is a timely resource for parents committed to raising daughters who are informed, independent, and prepared to navigate the complexities of personal finance.

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Money Confident Girls: A Parents Roadmap to Raising Financially Confident Children (From Toddlers to Teens)

Julina Ogilvie, CIMA®, CPWA®, is a Partner and Wealth Advisor at Principle Wealth Partners. With a distinguished career in asset management and wealth advisory, Julina has educated numerous financial professionals and clients. She is an advocate for financial literacy, hosting the podcast “Women on Wealth,” and actively mentors young women in finance. Residing in Fairfield, CT, with her family, Julina is also an accomplished athlete, having qualified for multiple national and world championships in triathlon.

You can learn more about Julina at her website at https://www.julinaogilvie.com/.

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Publication Date: January 23, 2024, 326 pages, 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, hardcover, paperback, and eBook.
$14.99 paperback, ISBN 979-8-88797-082-0
$25.99 hardcover ISBN 979-8-88797-081-3
$9.99 eBook ISBN 979-8-88797-083-7

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