Utah company specializing in durable, custom, big face watches reveals deals on watches and sunglasses for holiday shoppers over Thanksgiving weekend.

Known for the size of their large faces, Rockwell Time’s unique watches are more than a timepiece customers wear on their wrists. Since their introduction in 2007, Rockwell’s watches have drawn the attention of extreme sports enthusiasts, pop music stars, and fashion trendsetters. Their durability and style complement a variety of lifestyles not compatible with other luxury timepieces. This Thanksgiving, deep discounts on Rockwell watches and sunglasses will make them an affordable choice for holiday gift-givers nationwide.

With inflation rates well above average and prices soaring the past few years, consumer budgets have had to stretch to cover the necessities of life. While many enjoy collecting custom, quality accessories, including sunglasses and watches, costs for these high-end pieces can make some shy away. Rockwell’s collection of elite watches and stylish sunglasses range from $100 to $20,000, meaning customers have options that fit into many holiday budgets. Beginning November 24th, Rockwell will offer customers shopping in-store and online opportunities for additional savings.

“Holiday shopping is just around the corner.” remarked Rich Eggett, Founder of Rockwell Time, “At Rockwell Time, that means offering savings and discounts to customers and Rockwell lovers to help them get the watch or sunglasses they have been eyeing all year. We are excited about our growing collection and hope Rockwell can be a part of the magic this holiday season in homes across the country.”

Online discounts will be available to customers shopping on the Rockwell Time website and in-store starting Friday, November 24th (Black Friday) and running through November 27th (Cyber Monday). Individuals shopping in-store will have access to special offers available on November 25th (Small Business Saturday) as well. Customers will be able to buy top-selling products, such as their Pompeii sunglasses, Coliseum watches, and Rockwell apparel, for much less than the regular price.

“Gift-giving for many people is challenging,” remarked Eggett. “But, you really can’t go wrong with Rockwell products. Whether you want a custom military tactical watch or a gold stainless steel watch, we’ve got you covered. And because they are all backed by an industry-leading two-year warranty, you don’t have to worry about it ending up in the bottom of a drawer in six months. We stand by your investment.”

Rockwell watches are distinctive both inside and out. Their signature large format faces require innovative movement and battery solutions. This technology is unique to Rockwell’s timepieces and ensures smooth and accurate movement in every one. To learn more about Rockwell Time or to shop their extensive inventory of watches and sunglasses, call 801-298-3016 or visit www.RockwellTime.com.

About Rockwell Time

Rockwell Time is a renowned action sports brand specializing in the design and production of unique, chic, high-quality watches. Available both offline and online at their official store, their products reflect the brand’s unique blend of style, spirit, and adventure.