Sage Rentals is a local equipment rental business located in Surprise, Arizona. Established in 2003, the company specializes in rentals for lawn and garden, construction, and party hosting, serving individuals and contractors in the Phoenix metro area.

Sage Rentals, with its roots as Surprise Rental, is a trusted equipment rental company in Surprise, AZ. Since 2003, this local business has been serving the Phoenix metro area with dedication and a commitment to exceptional customer service. With a focus on equipment rental for small contractors and landscaping companies, Sage Rentals has grown significantly over the years.

The company’s fleet of power tools and equipment is diverse and expansive, catering to various needs. Whether it’s a power drill for a DIY project or a mini excavator for a construction site, Sage Rentals has it all. The company’s primary goal is to be a valuable resource for individuals and contractors alike, which they do with aplomb.

Sage Rentals offers delivery and pickup services to make the rental process more accessible for their customers. They rent lawn and garden equipment, providing quality tools to keep landscapes looking their best. This includes chipper wood, stump grinders, chainsaws, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, and more.

Along with gardening tools, Sage Rentals also provides a variety of construction equipment for rental. This includes items such as concrete saws, reach forks, sod cutters, and power hammers. Their comprehensive range of construction equipment makes them a trusted equipment rental company in Surprise, AZ.

Among their most popular rentals are the Skid steer, Bobcat, Mini excavator, Scissor lift, Trencher, and Tractor with a Gannon. These powerful machines can be used for various tasks, from moving heavy materials to digging trenches and lifting loads. They are versatile, efficient, and well-maintained, ensuring they’re ready for your next project.

While Sage Rentals primarily caters to commercial clients, they also provide rental services for personal events. They have various party equipment available, such as tables, chairs, dance floors, and popcorn machines, which can contribute to the success of any event.

Sage Rentals provides a practical solution for the Surprise, AZ, community by offering equipment rental services. This eliminates the need for occasional users to purchase costly tools and equipment. Instead, they have the option to rent well-kept, high-quality equipment whenever necessary, which can potentially save money and storage space.

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About Sage Equipment Rentals

Sage Rentals, formerly known as Surprise Rental, is a local equipment rental business located in Surprise, Arizona. It was established in 2003 and acquired by a dedicated local resident in the fall of 2022. With a focus on delivering exceptional customer service, Sage Rentals has expanded its equipment fleet to provide a wide range of tools and equipment for various needs, specifically small contractors and landscaping companies.