Some battery owners report that they did not even know that the utility went down because the battery switched on seamlessly. In addition to the comfort and convenience, batteries are recognized for taxed credits. Homeowners enjoy 30% tax credits for batteries and 30% tax credit for solar.

Owners may select time of day or periods of peak household usage and have storage contribute to the home at that time. Those with solar can store energy during the day and power their home at night. With or without solar, owners earn money if they allow the utility to tap their batteries when the grid is stressed.

Plymouth Solar Energy ( is a regional leader in the installation and maintenance of commercial and residential solar and battery systems. The company boasts over 200 installed and on-line monitored solar systems within 50 miles of Plymouth.

Plymouth Solar Energy is located at 18 Main Street Extension, Plymouth, MA. There are now 10 full and part-time staffers at the growing entity.

For more info visit . For a complimentary Solar Feasibility Study or questions, call (508) 746-5430 or email info ( @ ) plymouthsolarenergy dot com.