South Carolinian filmmaker Sean Hakes directs “Unforgotten,” a docu-series unveiling coastal histories, funded innovatively through brand integration.

Sean Hakes, a talented filmmaker, and proud South Carolinian, is set to direct and film the upcoming docu-series “Unforgotten.” This immersive series will uncover the rich tapestry of histories, legends, and landscapes of South Carolina’s coastlines.

Drawing from local tales like “Grayman’s Warning,” “Shipwrecks and Sea Tales,” and the pulsating heartbeat of the Gullah legacy, Hakes aims to bring these stories to life, making the past resonate with today’s audience. Each episode promises to be a vibrant painting of often overlooked narratives, showcasing the beauty and mystery of the Palmetto State.

In a groundbreaking move, the production of “Unforgotten” is uniquely funded through Brand Integration and Sponsorships. By weaving brands organically into the fabric of each story, Hakes ensures that viewers connect with them as an integral part of the narrative. This innovative approach not only maintains the authenticity of the series but also offers brands an unprecedented opportunity to be showcased amidst South Carolina’s rich history and culture.

Businesses looking to become a part of this captivating journey and benefit from the series’ broad reach are invited to collaborate. “We’re exploring a new frontier in filmmaking,” says Hakes. “Our approach allows brands to become a living part of the story, creating a lasting bond with the audience.”

For businesses interested in sponsorship opportunities or brand integration with “Unforgotten,” Sean Hakes can be contacted directly at