FFIR is a prestigious event attracting visitors from all over the world and Zeren is proud to be a part of this year’s festival and help support the Romanian film industry.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration, Zeren’s vision matches that of the Rșnov Film and History Festival. Driven by the belief in the transformative power of creativity and storytelling, Zeren is proud to support an event that shines a light on thought-provoking films, lively debates, and the universal allure of cinema.

As the one of the main sponsors, Zeren aims to enhance the overall experience for attendees, furthering the festival’s reputation for cultural exchange, global understanding, and the exploration of historically-oriented documentaries. This collaboration emphasizes Zeren’s core values and commitment to empowering growth by merging technology with unmatched talent.

Zeren is overjoyed to partner with the Rșnov Film and History Festival as its premier sponsor. This union represents the companys dedication to nurturing creativity, applauding the art of storytelling, and building significant ties within the worldwide film community.

Celebrating its 15 edition, an anniversary year, the festival is recognized as a shining star in the sphere of cinematic craftsmanship and historical inquiry. With its blend of riveting films, dynamic speakers, and stimulating debates, FFIR consistently presents audiences with opportunities to immerse in compelling narratives and deep dialogues.

Zeren is privileged to stand shoulder to shoulder with distinguished companies, such as Banca Transilvania, BCR, MedLife SA, SkyConsult Europe, TechTalent Software, MET Romania Energy, Purcari Wineries plc, Enayati Medical City, and Times New Roman, in backing this phenomenal event.
For more insights about the Rșnov Film and History Festival and its upcoming 15th edition, kindly visit https://www.ffir.ro/.

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