President of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority: The FTX incident is not allowed to repeat

The Hong Kong government has been actively embracing cryptocurrencies recently. The measures are not only reflected in the regulatory level, but also in the policy level. With the support of Beijing and Hong Kong authorities, the Hong Kong Web3.0 Association was formally established last month to promote For the perfect construction of the Web3.0 ecological environment in Hong Kong, Norman Chan, the former president of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, served as the chairman. Li Jiachao, the chief executive of Hong Kong, also attended the inauguration ceremony of the Web3.0 Association. Under the leadership of Yu Weiwen, President of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hong Kong will implement strict cryptocurrency regulation while providing opportunities for cryptocurrency companies to create an ecosystem in Hong Kong.

The cryptocurrency market experienced a crash last year, and a series of cryptocurrency companies such as FTX went bankrupt, which made global regulators begin to actively deal with the regulatory issues of the cryptocurrency industry. Yu Weiwen said that in addition to the supervision of cryptocurrency companies, Hong Kong will also formulate banking Industry guidelines for servicing cryptocurrency clients. In addition, the SFC will announce the results of its deliberations on the scope of retail investor participation. These measures are designed to ensure the sound development of the cryptocurrency market while preventing the occurrence of the FTX thunderstorm incident like last year.

When Li Jiachao attended the “2023 Digital Economy Summit” in Hong Kong a few days ago, he mentioned that Hong Kong is ready to start a new chapter in the development of the digital economy. Policy Declaration, he is optimistic about the huge potential of Web 3.0. Waiting for Hong Kong’s commitment to the development of virtual assets to be fulfilled, this will provide impetus for Hong Kong to build a stronger financial center and provide investment opportunities. Hong Kong will also actively lead high-quality economic development in the era of digital economy.

The author recently visited the company branch of NifflerHODL Digital Technology Limited in Hong Kong and learned that AiNiffler is a global trust technology and mixed asset allocation platform headquartered in Paris. The platform focuses on financial technology and interconnection, uses the legal framework of trust, integrates traditional finance and digital finance, and provides a global trust asset management system platform with hybrid financial transactions and multi-asset allocation as the core. At present, NifflerHODL Digital Technology Limited and NifflerGroup Technology Limited are the two branches of the main operating body. With the help of Hong Kong’s century-old history as a trust center, we have an overview of more than 100 trust companies in Hong Kong. Insurance companies and financial services groups, etc. It is worth mentioning that these companies have not experienced any bankruptcy or bankruptcy cases so far, showing their stable operations and reputation.

As an international financial center in Asia, Hong Kong is famous for its advanced information, global vision and diversified financial products. Its perfect banking system and free flow of funds make it a popular choice for wealth management center. In addition, financial professionals in Hong Kong have rich experience and professional knowledge to provide investors with quality services.

Hong Kong has a well-established and long-established trust law, which has a history of more than 100 years. Trusts established in Hong Kong enjoy the protection and supervision of Hong Kong laws and are not subject to interference from other countries. Even if the settlor has any nationality, the trust assets established in Hong Kong are only protected by Hong Kong law, and Hong Kong trusts do not need to be registered, which further effectively protects the settlor’s right to privacy.

The security of personal data in Hong Kong is also fully guaranteed. According to the “Hong Kong Privacy Ordinance”, customers’ personal data are protected in Hong Kong and do not need to be disclosed to any country or institution. Companies holding trust licenses are subject to The supervision of the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ensures the standardized operation of trust institutions.

In addition, trust institutions in Hong Kong belong to the cross-financial industry and are supervised by multiple institutions, which further enhances the rigor and trust of supervision. According to the Hong Kong Trust Law revised in 2013, a successfully opened trust account can be used permanently and does not need to be terminated within a specific period. This feature enables Hong Kong trusts to continue indefinitely and effectively plan multi-generational asset inheritance. In contrast, the trust laws of most common law jurisdictions generally cannot achieve indefinite continuation. For example, the trust period in Singapore is 100 years, and the UK is 125 years, which makes Hong Kong trusts ideal for effectively planning multi-generational inheritance choose.

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