About BroadPharm Bio Tech:
Is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying high purity PEG linkers, Click Chemistry Reagents, & advanced Bio-labeling reagents such as Dye Labeling & Biotin Labeling compounds to our clients worldwide.

The well-known sales coach and motivational speaker, who has delivered presentations and workshops in more than 100 countries to over a million people, will be working with BroadPharm Bio Tech to help its team by covering the importance of sales and leadership.

In his workshops, Dvorak discusses issues, such as helping teams work together, allowing them to have fun without sacrificing efficiency and productivity, resulting in improved overall morale, increases in productivity and reductions in overall turnover.

To learn more about Doug Dvorak and his workshops, visit his site online dougdvorak.com or contact him directly at (847) 359-6969.

About Doug Dvorak : Doug Dvorak is the worlds leading motivational speaker, sales trainer & sales coach. He speaks over 50 times per year around the globe. Dvorak is a member of the motivational speaker hall of fame, is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and holds a BS, MBA & Doctor of Laws, hc. Dvorak is also a graduate of Second City, the oldest & most prestigious improvisational comedy school in the world.

Company : Doug Dvorak
Address : 1061 W. 16th St. #306, Chicago, IL 60608
Phone : (847) 359-6969
Website : https://dougdvorak.com