About Sober Joe :
Sober Joe exists for two reasons — tomake delicious coffeeandprovide active support for recovery communities all over the world. produce affordable, high-quality coffee that tastes great and helps to transform lives.

Taken together, these two things comprise both our motive and our mission. They’re also what we want to be known for in every community. Why? Because we don’t want to force our customers into a choice between causes and quality. We want to satisfy both.

Sober Joe is a brand designed to generate financial support for local and national recovery organizations assisting alcoholics and addicts in recovery. Our primary product is COFFEE, a commodity that is part and parcel of the recovery community.

Here’s how it works. We’re headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, where we’ve partnered with Courage to Change Sober Living House to provide scholarships for addicts and alcoholics who can’t afford entry into their program. Courage to Change offers a safe and supportive environment to begin the transformative road of recovery.